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Successful Team Communication: Learn to Communicate Clearly so You Say the Right Thing at the Right Time Every Time!

Have you ever wished you always knew just what to say?
Ever wished your entire team executed under high trust?

Successful Communication starts with Outcome Thinking® – a brain based communication strategy created by Anne Warfield.

Strategic communication is the key to getting your idea’s heard effectively so that people take action on what you say! Our motto is that action creates results.

The first step in communicating with Outcome Thinking® is to understand your true Brain Style. Knowing your brain style will help you create strategic communication that moves people to action.

We have shared these concepts in live training and private events and with advances in technology now we will share these secrets with you via virtual learning, saving you time, money and resources.


Have you ever felt that no one hears your ideas? 

Ever felt frustrated by something a team member said?

Studies have proven that teams that have a high trust and rapport with each other tend to be happier, more creative and collaborative and have less stress in their lives. Work should be a place to REJUVENATE you, not one that depletes you.
I have learned that in order to build that team atmosphere a critical factor is to understand; not why people do what they do but rather what their brain is trying to protect. Once you know that simple fact you can be more influential in getting others to listen to your ideas, try new things, build on each other's strengths and get more done in less time.

How To Sign Up:

For you as an individual -  Just click HERE and reserve your spot.

If you are registering as team - Just click HERE and add the number of people on your team.  If you register 10 or more people you will receive a 10% discount with your order.  Each person on your team will then get their individual customized report on their brain style so you can see as a team where you all land.


After This Session You Will Know How To:

  1. Maximize your brain style in order to be more influential
  2. Speak to team members in order to ensure you get cooperation
  3. Speak about controversial issues without setting other people off
  4. Frame things so your ideas are accepted and respected
  5. Build on team brain strengths to work smarter, not harder
  6. How to diffuse conflict
  7. Break down barriers so you are more collaborative and creative
  8. Be more strategic with your boss
  9. Motivate others across the organization
  10. Build accountability, respect and trust as a team so you always have each other's back 
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What will be unusual about this session is that we will look at this all from the BRAIN'S perspective- what makes you protect certain things, how does it make you behave certain ways and what do you need to do in order to change the way you say and do things so you are seen as more influential.
You will always act in accordance with your thinking so if you want to be different as a team you need to think different as a team.


  1. 90 Minute Virtual Training with Anne Warfield - This was a live session that inluded 60 Minutes of pure content followed by 30 minues of Q&A by top leaders and sales professionals just like you.
  2. Personalized Outcome Thinking® Communication Assessment (usually only a part of our $1500 seminars)  so you will know your communication style and how you can effectively communicate with others so that they take action on what you say.  The Assessment can be completed on-line before watching the session.

How It Can Be Used:

  • Strategic Communication
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Customer Service
  • Presentation Skills
  • Dealing with Change
  • Negotiation with Less Stress
  • Leadership Development
  • Time Management

 Comments From Participants:


We see the impact of our Supervisors being better equipped to share messages, get them to cascade down and to be more influential with their team.

Betsy Triebwasser - Manager of Mechanical Training, Union Pacific

It is essential that all of our messaging is aligned with our organizational goals and strategic direction- Outcome Thinking® helps them do just that. Matter-of-fact, the difference between those that have learned Outcome Thinking® and those who haven’t gone through it is so easy to distinguish that we can tell if someone is communicating using Outcome Thinking® approaches. If you are a leader looking to get your team to be more independent, more strategic and have a stronger executive presence, Outcome Thinking® is for you.

Megan Remark - Senior Vice President, Specialty Care, HealthPartners

What Outcome Thinking® has allowed me to do is start a process of thinking through an interaction from the stand point of the audience. Even thinking about who makes up that audience and what are the key messages that they are looking to hear so that I can tailor my message more effectively to address what they’re asking.

John Beardsley - Vice President, Strategic Marketing Prime Therapeutics


Question & Answer

What if I don’t have a team, should I just attend?
            Absolutely. You will be able to see, not only what your brain style is and how it compares to others, but how it applies to your discussions with clients, co-workers, your boss or vendors. You will leave knowing what you need to do to OPEN up another person’s mind to hear what you want to say.
What would be the benefit of having my whole team do this?
            Each person on your team would get their own brain style analysis. Then as a team you will be able to see exactly what the collective brain of the team looks like. This will help you understand why there may be other teams you run in to problems with, and why there are internal struggles, what you need to do to shorten discussions so resolutions are found quickly. We find that as teams understand what is different about the thinking of each person on the team they are better able to remove judgment and focus on achieving an outcome together.
How does this differ from all the style information out there like Strength Finders, Myers Briggs or the Colors?
            Communication assessments are designed to share with you the behavior you will see, hoping that will help you with how to connect better with others. We went one step further. Your actions are influenced by your thinking so if you want to change someone’s actions you need to understand what drives their thinking that then shows up in their behavior.
            With our Assessment you will understand the link between what the brain is doing and what your actions are so that you can better influence change in both yourself and others.
What if I have more than 10 people I want to register?
            If you have 10 or more people, you get a 10% discount of the regular pricing. 
What if my team gets in to this, is there any way to keep the momentum going?
            There are several ways you can keep it going. One simple way is to start your team on the Outcome Thinking Success Club 8 week online program. I will share with you how you can use that tool to have deeper discussions and incorporate changes on your own with your team. Of course, if you want us involved, we have other options for you as well.

Can I get a private session for my group?
            If you have 30 or more people, call us at 952-921-9421 and we will talk about how to get your own private session.
Who lead this session?

            Anne Warfield, an expert in Outcome Thinking®, lead the session. Anne has worked for over 20 years with Executives in the top Fortune 100 firms on leadership and sales development so people know how to say the right thing at the right time even under pressure. Due to her expertise, she has been utilized by ABC, NBC, CBS, Investors Business Daily, Forbes and numerous other publications and radio stations.

The beauty of this is that you can do it any time on YOUR time!  So your entire team can watch the video at their leisure and then you can run your own team session to debrief every person’s brain style and how it impacts the team communication and client communication.

No more trying to make one set date but instead we put the power in YOUR hands.  Join us now to find out your Brain Style Communication.

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