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Sales Excavation® - Corporate Sales Training Seminars and Courses

Sales Excavation®

Stop selling and start helping people buy from you! Learn to go beyond the relationship sale to becoming a trusted partner.

Selling is something you do to someone; helping is something you do for someone. Get customers to sell themselves by developing a more magnetic approach to selling that is actually counterintuitive.

In this two-day training session we will shatter the traditional foundation of sales and show you why customers resist what you say even if they would be better off with your product. You will journey inside the thinking of your customer and how you need to adjust your thinking on the spot in order to have your energy and communication focused on the customer.

Ever wanted to know how to spin your message during the presentation? How to shorten your selling cycle?

With Outcome Thinking® sales training programs you will learn how to say less and get your clients to speak more, how to get the core obstacles out immediately.

What’s Different?

  • Go beyond theory to understand the thinking
  • Apply to your own products & services
  • Proven 7 Step System
  • Go beyond the Sale to Lock the Sale
  • Have Deeper Conversations Faster
  • Be able to Cross Sell Easier
  • Remove Client’s Mental Barriers


On average IMP clients reduce their sales cycles by up to 70%, increase productivity, and build more trusted relationships after our training programs.

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Outcome Focus® Approach to Sales

  • Learn to Excavate for Deeper Understanding
  • Overcome 5 Mental Blockers for Clients
  • Build Strong ProbeQ’s™ that Provoke Thinking
  • Build Trust Fast with Threadlining™
  • Stop Being a Vendor and Become a Trusted Partner
  • Learn to Simplify the Complex
  • Reduce your Sales Time by 70%

Group size is LIMITED allowing you optimal learning with premium attention to you personally. You can attend classes individually through our open enrollment or you can have us customize a class for attendees from your company at a location of your choice.

Corporate Sales Presentation Skills Training