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Let us help kick off your next conference or convention by stimulating the thinking in your audience so they listen and engage at your conference in a transformational way rather than transactional.

Imagine a conference that has everyone talking in a way that expands the thinking, enriches the learning experience and entices people to see things in a whole new perspective.  With one of our interactive keynotes or breakouts you will get immediate applicable skills to change how you communicate and connect with others today.  Learn what you need to do to get your entire team to make more effective decisions, what drives down productivity by 50% and how to say it so they hear it the first time.  Whether the focus be on leading, negotiating, communicating or selling you will find Outcome Thinking® brings the entire group together to unleash the power of the whole.

Ever wanted to know:

  • What stops a client from buying even when your solution is the best one?
  • How to get your team to make more decisions WITHOUT you in the room?
  • How to remove 70% of what hits the negotiation table so you get the right results in half the time?
  • How to say more with less so you generate long-term results that STICK?

Call us to chat about what you want to accomplish and we will help you uncover what is the right topic in the right way to get the right results for your group. After all the power is there, it is just waiting to be unleashed from the brain.

As a Certified Speaking Professional and sought after Outcome Thinking® Strategist, Anne Warfield is one of the top 7% of all speakers worldwide.

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PRESS RELEASE - Anne Warfield Receives Best in Class Speaker at PCMA

Congratulations! Your content and presentation of the session, “Strategic Negotiations: Bring Your Ethics, Integrity and High Character to the Bargaining Table” at the 2014 PCMA Convening Leaders in Boston was very well received and received great feedback – earning you the title of Best in Class! 
We would like to extend to you the opportunity to participate in PCMA’s Best in Class program! Your acceptance places you in this elite group of speakers for a 22-month period, expiring on December 31, 2015.
What is the Best in Class program?

Each year upon the conclusion of PCMA’s primary meetings and after extensive review of the session and speaker evaluation results, PCMA Headquarters provide its Chapters a list of only the best speakers for consideration to present at Chapter events. PCMA has 17 Chapters in North America, including one in Mexico and two in Canada.

--- The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)