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Interactive Conflict Management Seminars - Conflict Management Skills Training Courses

Turning conflict from a stumbling block to a building block

conflict management

How to lead tough discussions with lasting results.

Have you ever had to deliver bad news? How about when the Difficult Discussion you have to have is with your boss or management? There is nothing that turns your stomach more than having to "confront" someone.

Is there a way to do it that FITS YOU, maintains your character and integrity and gets the results you want WITHOUT getting people upset? Absolutely.

Handling Difficult Discussions does not have to be synonymous with battle. So many people view Difficult Discussions as a time you need to be really persuasive and you need to have your battle armor on so you are protected. Most programs then teach you how to be proactive in starting the fight on YOUR TURF.

We don’t believe it needs to be a fight at all. Matter-of-fact, we will share with you the top reasons that it TURNS in to a fight and how to avoid it. You will learn how to create a SAFE ENVIRONMENT to discuss just about anything.

This is not about tricks or clever phrases; it is about how to THINK so you speak and interact in a natural style that is not combative. Your style will always honor and respect the other while still pressing to get results.

This ONE SKILL is one that distinguishes between leaders and followers. It is one of the number one traits a company looks for when they promote people. For life is not about what happens to you; it is all about WHAT YOU do ABOUT what happens to you.

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Learning Objectives

  • How to read the discussion so you can move it to safe territory
  • How to think from the other person’s perspective
  • How to avoid common pitfalls with conflict management
  • How to make it NOT personal so the other person opens up to you
  • The number ONE thing that throws Difficult Discussions in to a tailspin and how to avoid it
  • The top ways people react to Difficult Discussions
  • What can affect the outcome of the discussion
  • How to disagree without being disagreeable—even if it is with your senior management
  • How to work better with co-workers
  • How to address key issues with your boss
  • How to manage a client relationship that is moving out of control
  • How to use it personally to keep balance in your life

You see, your actions fall directly out of your thoughts so in order to make your message believable and sincere you have to make sure your thoughts and action are in harmony. You will learn how to shatter the common mistakes that make your THINKING get out of control during a Difficult Discussion so you can remain level headed and easy going.

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Group size is LIMITED allowing you optimal learning with premium attention to you personally. You can attend classes individually through our open enrollment or you can have us customize a class for attendees from your company at a location of your choice.