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Outcome Thinking®

Introduction to the Outcome Focus® Approach

Most training is based on the behavioral lessons that are needed to be learned. The problem is that your behavior comes from your beliefs. In other words, the way you think drives how you act.

In order for training to convert to long-time learning it needs to change the way you think, listen and speak and each training piece needs to integrate to create a holistic solution. You can’t be a transformational leader or sales person if you don’t think in a way that is transformational rather than transactional.

That is what is so unique about the Outcome Focus® Approach. Each program ties to and builds on your skills learned in the previous class because they are all based on the Outcome Thinking® Method. We get that in order to do things differently you need to operate in a new world of thinking.

The Outcome Focus® Approach causes accelerated learning because, instead of spending time learning “theory or tricks”, you integrate your new skills so they are congruent with your corporation, your personal style, and your goal. This congruency comes from each program having the Outcome Thinking® Method at its core.

This means you aren’t learning multiple programs that don’t tie together; you are learning ONE SYSTEM that works together to deliver consistent and repeatable results that align with your corporate culture.

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What is the Outcome Thinking® Method?

The Outcome Thinking® Method is a revolutionary new way of thinking that moves you from being Transactional in the way you think, listen, and speak to being Transformational. It will change the way you engage in meetings, interact with clients, lead prospects and develop ideas as a team.

It is an active, not passive, learning that engages, stretches and moves you to new levels. We look for real life metrics in results which for a “soft skill” company is unusual to find. Results such as 70% reduction of sales cycles, 30% reduction in turnover, 25% savings in productivity and time, and doubling of sales with clients are real life results IMP clients achieve.

So this is not about tips like "don't jingle your change," play good cop/bad cop, reward your team or “speak positively” about conflict; it is about how to move people to action with the way you engage and connect with them at all times. It is about how to say the right thing at the right time every time. It is about understanding how people see you, how they hear you, how you say your message and how you deliver your message in a way that is congruent, cohesive and authentic.

We believe communication is about getting the response needed. This means that as the communicator you need to understand your audience, craft your message, and then deliver it in the compelling fashion that your audience needs so that you have consistency at ALL TIMES.