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I had a dull and clumsy outline for my presentations. Now that I’ve experienced Managing Your Message my presentations are focused and my priorities are identified. Take the class, you’ll get good results.

Mark Spiehler - Atlas Van Lines

My presentations in the past seemed to have some ambiguity and my desired outcome was rarely reached. Now with Outcome Thinking the goal of the meeting is clear, the call to action is specific but not pushy and the message becomes audience-centric. If it’s in the budget, Managing Your Message is worth doing. It gives you a different outlook on your communication style.

Betsy Holgate - Group O

Go for it. Managing Your Message helped put things in a different perspective. I was always focused on the content of my presentations before I experienced Outcome Thinking. Since attending I now focus on the goal of the customer.

Don Litner - OCLC

Once I learned Outcome Thinking I became more confident and my message is clearly represented. Before my Managing Your Message experience my audience lost me. In my one-on-one’s my intentions or goal never came across well. I highly recommend taking this class.

Ashley Okmark - American Woodmark

I tended to be soft spoken and focus on only a few people in the audience before I took the Managing Your Message class. Since then I now scan the room and project my voice better. Outcome Thinking is worth the time investment.

Ryan Carnathan - Sensus

In my presentations in the past I wasn’t sure if the message was flowing for the audience in order for them to connect the dots or understand clearly the objectives stated. In two days learning Managing Your Message has helped me organize my thoughts differently to make sure I connected with my audience. This class is a great opportunity for practical and applicable coaching that you can directly apply to your next discussion or presentation.

Carrie Montero - Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota

Managing Your Message is a good program that leaves you with lots to think about. Before learning Outcome Thinking I would just jump into the presentation. Now I make sure I tell the audience my goal to start off.

Ron Cole - Lanxess

Unorganized, unfocused were how I described my presentations before attending Managing Your Message. Now that I’ve learned about Outcome Thinking I focus on the message and the audience. This class is worth the time and cost.

Assim Elazami - Sensus

When I presented in the past I felt like I was not getting buy-in to my proposed solutions. When training large groups I felt like people were getting bored. I am now focused on the audience and have changed the way I message to them since I discovered Managing Your Message. I can now present a more strategic message. I would encourage you to come to Managing Your Message. It gives you a good perspective and I think there are good take-aways, even for really good presenters.

Maggie Roe - Univita Health

Learning Outcome Thinking has changed how I present. Previously I might lose the primary focus of my message. Now I begin with thinking of the audience’s needs. Go ahead and do it. Take Managing Your Message.

Mark Garza - Lanxess