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Let me express my sincere appreciation for the Communication Assessment even though I was a "fly on the wall" for the two day session. The questions that fed the assessment were well structured and quite revealing. Your Assessment has me saying, "Yeah, that's pretty much on target for me". The "things to watch" are now, and will continue to be, helpful as I move forward.

While the cardinal rules of "bottom line up front" and "get your main points out early" are present in many briefer training approaches, your system brought these to life in fresh ways. The analysis of the "briefing receivers" was one of the most productive and eye opening parts of the two days. I hadn't seen the communications path presented with your simple, yet uniquely different, perspective. The analysis of the styles was elegant yet so "down to earth" and practical. In a word ---Powerful!

I've already changed my mental picture to capitalize on my strengths and mitigate my weaker areas.

Thanks again.

Ron Julian - Air Force Research Laboratory

I have been fortunate enough to already apply what I learned on Monday and Tuesday. My first two meetings today were about shared decision making (SDM) -- with two different audiences that desired two different outcomes, but both related to SDM. I used the exact information we revised and developed for Tuesday (from memory this time) and it worked -- just as Anne had said it would work. Amazing!!! And very rewarding, reinforcing, etc. Thank heaven we did the complete homework assignment because in the second meeting I was immediately hit with questions after less than one minute to introduce the topic. Fortunately the questions were the ones that the assignment lead me to prepare.

Please pass along my thanks to Anne for helping me develop new skills and expertise that were immediately applicable.

The training session was definitely beneficial (even though it was also painful and intimidating!!)

Karen Kraemer - HealthPartners, Inc.

After taking the class and reading the book twice now, I have been focusing my improvement first on presentation and meeting leadership. I still have lots of work to do on applying these skills "in the moment"!

1. At first I felt like this approach might add time, as there is more upfront preparation. But then I realized I had just gotten so far behind that I was out of the habit of prepping well for presentations. That's not fair to my audience. I find the more I prepare using the Outcome Thinking® approach the better things go. And in the end I actually save time because I am not working in crisis, preparing at the last minute. And my anxiety is much lower.

2. But most importantly, Outcome Thinking® has gotten me a level of engagement with my audiences I haven't seen before. I feel they are more ready to take action, or discuss the strategic issue at hand, than before. I find that very rewarding personally, and a huge time saver since I am not running around afterwards trying to get people to do what I asked.

3. Personally, my anxiety and sleepless nights are way down. I don't wake up dreaming about a presentation I have to give, or wake afterward wishing I had said something differently. I feel better about my performance overall.

4. At home I haven't gotten as far as my specific target area for improvement. I still need help in the moment, it's so easy to resort to the ways we know best. But I have started looking at situations and my family through Outcome Thinking®. This has helped me stop making issues about them, but rather I analyze the situation more objectively. It feels better and I think has stopped me from reacting quite so quickly. Not in all situations, but definitely improvement is happening.

5. I am more positive. I approach many more situations from a "glass half full" perspective. It's funny, I always thought I was so positive but this has helped me be even more positive, especially in my "ruts". I feel more confident. I feel more like a leader.

Thanks Anne, for what your program offers. I really benefited from participating in your class and hope to work with you even more in the future!

Heidi Conrad - HealthPartners

Outcome Thinking® works! I've had a fabulous week.

Today, in particular, was a huge success and reflected changes based on what I learned from you last week. I ran five important meetings, engaging with the audience in very different ways. More importantly, I felt different and more confident of what I contribute. At the end of the day, I got a phone call that my presentation requesting funds for a large project next year was approved behind closed doors, and that it was my presentation that created the enthusiasm to move ahead. I'm pumped at the end of a day that normally would have left me drained.


Joan Naymark - Target

I found several of your hot tips and principles useful in creating and presenting my poster to the SAB; Specifically,

1. By first identifying then highlighting everything that was relevant on the poster and "cutting out the rest," which is definitely not as easy as it sounds, I was able to keep the audience focused on my message and, therefore, maintain control of the briefing.

2. By using the principles of Outcome Thinking®, I was able to avoid right/wrong thinking, and, instead, confidently respond to challenges from other persons' perspectives.

3. I am, also, a fan of the 5-question drill down technique to get to the true value-added message that needs to be heard. I find myself using the technique in my personal life whenever a problem or issue to be resolved is raised. My family cannot figure out how I seem to "pick-up" on their true feelings and the heart-of-the-matter so quickly.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us. The training was excellent and, in my humble opinion, a good investment of our time and money.

Dr. Janet Sutton - U.S. AFRL

Quite often in the past I was accusatory and would present too much information for the audience to actually implement. Their mindset was not changed. After experiencing Managing Your Message my mindset and thinking has changed. The information learned is easy to put into practice the next day! My advice is “Absolutely take this course!”

Ember Davis - iBAHN

It always took a lot of prep time to structure a speech in the past. In only two days attending Managing Your Message I learned a basic framework that simplifies the process and enables me to speak off the cuff more without going astray too far. This is a very good course if your public speaking needs work.

Dave Ungar - OCLC

Are you thinking of investing in Outcome Thinking? Sign up. It will change the way you think! In the past I would get nervous and lose my train of thought when I would present. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I am much more confident.

Claudia Segura - Prime Therapeutics

I would spend a lot of time putting the presentation together before learning Outcome Thinking. Since completing the Managing Your Message course I now have more of a view from the other person’s perspective and I ask myself “how can I add value?” I would suggest attending this class. It is definitely worth the investment.

Dominic Louwagie - Datacard

My presentations were too wordy and not succinct enough in the past. By participating in the Managing Your Message class I now have a process that will help me reach my desired response and call to action. You should definitely invest in Outcome Thinking®.

Anne Ruzic - Prime Therapeutics