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During the sales process I would get stuck answering tactical questions. Now that I’ve taken the Sales Excavation® class I focus on the outcome and uncover the barriers that were blocking the sale upfront.

Bessy Erickson - Prime Therapeutics

I was too pushy and quick to answer when I tried to make a “sale” in the past. Since taking the Sales Excavation® class I have slowed down and learned to help, not sell.

Shannon Ambrose - Prime Therapeutics

In the past when I presented I would get bogged down with providing too much information. After experiencing Outcome Thinking® the concepts learned will help to better organize my thoughts. For improving one’s speaking skills Outcome Thinking® is all about how one thinks about the outcome.

Michael Browning - CFO, Madison County Hospital

When I would present I would try to get too much involvement or input from the audience to address the flow of the presentation. Now I am more succinct and direct with the outcome desired so people know how to act on what I share. I am able to close with a take action or resolution.

Beth Pantzlaff - Business Strategy & Planning Director, American Family Insurance

Thank you Anne!

I go to webinars rather often for my job, but cannot keep your webinar on Executive Presence out of my mind, which is a good thing. I have been working on improving my own executive presence and corporate communication in hopes of moving up the ladder at my company. I have been a “worker bee” for many years, then went to school and got two masters and now want to do much more for the department I work in. I can’t believe how different I feel simply by dressing up (even though we are a business casual company) and remembering to hold my head up rather than look at the floor. People in upper management have not only noticed but also commented right to me about how great I look (not pretty but “different” was their intention). I am beginning to notice so much more going on around me.

I love your newsletters and will keep working on my executive presence and corporate communication. I am already on the right path with my project proposals now that I included that ever important “why” into my presentations. I start everything I want to ask about or present with a chart that has columns for the top 5 “what, how & why” and it’s training my thinking.

Something so simple…yet missed by so many…and so powerful…!

Lisa Whalen - E-Learning Specialist, Sales Training & Development, Davol Inc.

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