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I felt that the content related to everyone and Anne's ability to make people feel comfortable is as group really helps.

Megan Wright - First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc.

I really understand how much more powerful outcome based presentations are.

Gerry Thomas - Capella University

The material we learned and discussed provided immediate value and helped me see communication in a different lens.

Arthur Palileo - Prime Therapeutics

Simplifying and crystallizing a message is not only much more effective but also a much easier way/method to plan the approach to the communication/event.

Tom Solberg - Prime Therapeutics

It is a program for anyone at any level of an organization. It teaches one to think and deliver information that is beneficial to the listener. It answers “What’s in it for me” up front versus “What’s in it for the company?”

Susan LaFreniere - Prime Therapeutics

The program focused from the start on the beginning process of communication whether in one-on-one's or large group presentations.

Dana Nagle - Prime Therapeutics

This program provides actionable results immediately. The information you learn will be useful for every aspect of your life.

Aaron Bender - Prime Therapeutics

How to give presentations or communicate using Outcome Focused® Thinking. How to say what needs to be said more effectively and have the listeners' attention.

Liz LaFave - Prime Therapeutics

How to package messaging in a more compact, conscise manner.

Casey Martin - Prime Therapeutics

Anne took everyday, real life situations that we deal with and helped us see how to better manage them.

Vicki Strahan - Prime Therapeutics