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I learned exactly what I asked for!!! How I can feel more comfortable presenting and in my delivery is to make sure my presentation meets the audience's needs.

Ann Marie Kopp - Appleton Coated

Most programs focus on "how" to create a good presentation from the presenter's viewpoint. This course [Presentations] re-focused us on the audience and "why" we're presenting.

Scott Hellberg - Sentry Insurance

This [Presentations] program helped me reach a specific personal goal in relation to my presentation.

John Huiett - Morris Communications

The Outcome FocusĀ® Presentation system enabled me to create more logical and effective presentations suitable for any personality type.

Susan Koehlere - Babcock Genetics, Inc.

A framework that helps me think about meeting my audience's needs/styles to more effectively communicate my message

Carley Watts - Capella University

I walked away understanding the different communication styles as well as the types of presentation openings and the need to structure the presentation opening to capture the audience in the first few minutes of the presentation.

Gary Gettel - FSI

How to focus my presentation on the needs of the audience and make it more meaningful for them.

Richard Bredehoft - VP of Operations, Detector Electronics

Changing the focus appears to be extremely invaluable and the lesson is universal from the workplace to home.

Cheryl Murray - Detector Electronics

This very effective speaking and leadership program is based on action for change and improvement.

Susan Richardson - Capella University

This [Presentations] program taught me how to ensure clear, productive communication and how to bridge the gap between intent and effect. I found hearing personal feedback on what and when to say something made a difference.

Doris Ford - Union Pacific Railroad