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I will be able to immediately apply the knowledge of how to simplify the presentation for a stronger impact - "Less is more."

Hasetta Pitts - Chase Auto Finance

Anne's flexibility to move with the group made this program uniques. I learned to make presentations that are at a more personal level by incorporating stories as well as to outline what I'm trying to accomplish.

Brenda McCann - Best Buy

Solid steps were outlined for me to follow on an ongoing basis that will work for anything I do with small adjustments. The Outcome Thinking® skills will be extremely valuable to me going forward in my role with the company.

Cheryl Anderson - Cargill

There’s a wonderful combination of facilitation style, great stories and audience participation. I’m truly amazed at Anne’s ability to keep the intensity level at 110% for two straight days. The communication/presentation outline and the key points for the audience to walk away with are unique to this program.

Scott Gilbertson

If you take care of the presence, and think about what you want to say, the presentation will fall into place. It's only a structured conversation.

Gene McNinch - GMAC-RFC

The process to organize eand create a more effective presentation results in a simpler and more engaging presentation. This creates more confidence when presenting.

Curt Horak - Diageo

Outcome Thinking® allowed me to sharpen my presentation skills by being more succinct and comfortable during the presentation.

Lori Kratchmer - Target

I learned how to develop a powerful presentation that is based on the audience's needs, not mine. The theory behind Outcome Thinking® made this [Presentations] program unique.

Scott Trefaller - For1031

This program [Presentations] has totally changed the way I would present to an audience or in a one-on-one presentation. No longer will I be just there to offer information, instead, I will be there to help them realize their dreams.

Lorna Hall - Jamaica Money Market Brokers

This [Presentations] program gave the whole picture, not just the emphasis on one area, offering tips and tools for the entire aspect of presenting and being a presenter.

Sarah Mlynek - AmerUs Annuity Group