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Previously my negotiations followed the traditionally taught techniques to get what I wanted. It was focused on telling the other person how they would meet my objectives. After learning how to ProGOtiate my discussion becomes “how do we both achieve more then we wanted” before meeting then working together. I would recommend investing in Outcome Thinking®

Blaine Moon - SOS Staffing Group

In the past when I negotiated I would defend myself and my company. I stayed focus on what I/we wanted and needed. Once I experienced ProGOtiations I have a more effective and positive way to communicate and present. I will now meet in a positive situation. Invest in Outcome Thinking®. Just do it.

Kris Cooper - SOS Staffing Group

Investing in Outcome Thinking® is a good use of time. Before participating in ProGOtiations I went into my negotiations expecting a fight or conflict. Now that I’ve experienced ProGOtiations I will go in to my negotiations looking to build a partnership and expand on the common goals.

Anonymous .

Before when I negotiated I was very argumentative and one side always felt like they lost. Since attending the ProGOtiations course I learned to be positive. I know understand the emotional points. Attend this class. It will change the way you look at practically everything.

Anonymous .

In the past when I presented I spewed facts. I now have a new opening to my sales presentation with the customer's needs in mind. If you are presenting to anyone Managing Your Message has valuable ideas for a more productive pitch.

Brian Lenz - Executive, Boomerang Barter Exchange

When I presented I would stumble and my presentation didn’t flow. Now it is easier to stay on a direct path to my sales approach. I would tell anyone interested in Outcome Thinking® that it is well worth it. Your workshop must have helped...I closed my first two appointments yesterday. Thank You Again.

Doug Dietz - Sales Consultant, Boomerang Barter Exchange

It used to be when I presented I did not clearly articulate my message. After learning Outcome Thinking® I understand the need to place value and actions on what I want the listener to take away up front. Managing Your Message is a very beneficial course.

Lorne Housley - Sr. Marketing Program Manager, SPS Commerce

It used to be that when I presented, my self-doubt would cause me to speak fast and rush through the presentation. I would say too much when I was nervous or unsure. I was focused on my belief that they were judging me rather than on the desired outcomes of the presentation. But now… with Outcome Thinking®, I have a system to help me focus on the outcomes I desire and what the audience needs. My presentations are more concise and I have increased confidence. If you are not having the impact you’d like to have and want to invest in developing your effectiveness and impact, you should definitely consider this program.

Kjirsten Mickesh - General Mills

This Presentations seminar offered me insight into my unique style and gave me the tools to break out of my preparation style (building process) to what I want the audience to do.

Tom Denomme - Lason Systems, Inc.

In attending this [Presentations] seminar my perspective shifted from "me" to the audience. I was provided a "formula" that is flexible and made clear the power of a good story.

Lisa Wheeler - Capella University