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My past presentations had no clear vision. I just presented general material. Now with Outcome Thinking I have a much more focused, clear presentation with my objectives identified. Managing Your Message is a great development training. I suggest you do it.

Randy Lavone - Merchants Leasing

People would understand the content of my presentations but were generally bored and not moved to action. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I learned how to effectively build a case for my message and keep things interesting. If you’re unsure about this course I say “do it.”

Brandon Zeeb - OCLC

When presenting my voice was weak in the beginning. After attending in the Managing Your Message class I have more confidence. This is a great class. I think you will find some of the material/information you can use frequently and other materials may not suit you or your personality.

Sally Thrasher - Prime Therapeutics

I was nervous and became lost in thought which caused me to seize up when presenting. Once I attended Managing Your Message I became much more relaxed. I had a better delivery and a better concept in my presentations. I pretty much hit on all cylinders and think about the outcome versus the “pitch.”

Marty Wilds - Merchants Leasing

Prior to completing the Managing Your Message course, I would only focus on my own message. After learning Outcome Thinking I now understand that the audience is the focus. I need to satisfy their needs and fears. Many courses offer methods to improve your public speaking but this is the first course that focuses on what the audience needs to hear.

Ron Maracarian - OCLC

When I attended the Managing Your Message training I learned what my audience is looking for and what is the goal of the presentation. I wasn’t sure the audience understood my proposal in the past. I suggest that you take this program if you are interested. You will get more than it costs.

Greg McIntyre - Merchants Leasing

Being nervous I focused more on the information than on the presentation and end results when I would present. Managing Your Message is a very good class. I am now focusing more on the outcome and the audience.

Jason Henderson - Prime Therapeutics

Managing Your Message is a great workshop. Quite often I did not build enough stories into my presentations and I had problems pairing down the information to be shared. After two days I now know how to integrate stories and where to position them as well as how to develop a roadmap.

Willie Johnson - JB Hunt

In my past negotiations I often did not get the outcome I desired. Now that I’ve experienced ProGOtiations I’ve gotten more in the negotiation and the meeting was so positive. Taking this class will change your thinking for everyday transactions.

Mary Kay Stober - SOS Staffing Group

Through experiencing Outcome Focused® negotiations I am creating stronger partnerships through the ProGOtiation process. Previously I was focus on my or my company’s personal win. Absolutely take the class if you’re interested in Outcome Thinking®.

Joel Steadman - SOS Staffing Group