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I got into the details and lost sight of the message/goal/value before when I would present. I learned how to organize my presentation to focus on the message, on the goal and the value since experiencing Managing Your Message. You need to go if you’re interested in Outcome Thinking at all.

Barb Gove - Vice President, U.S. Bank

Attending Managing Your Message helped me to be more focused on my audience and what they need to hear instead of focusing on what I was saying. If you’re interested in Outcome Thinking® just do it. You will be glad you did.

Monica Laurent - Director of HR, Minnesota Wild

In the past when I presented I directed. It was about what I wanted the group or individual to get out of the interchange. Since attending Managing Your Message I now think about what “they” need, what value I could add and to provide a roadmap. Outcome Thinking® is a way to think that will help you be more credible and add value to your business interactions and I might say even in personal interactions.

Kathy Agerbeck - HR Business Partner, HealthPartners

Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message my audience will be more engaged as I now see things from their perspective. Before learning Outcome Thinking I had a lot of “glazed” looks from the audience. If you attend this class you will gain valuable insights and ideas on how to be a better communicator.

Jeff Emerson - Vice President, U.S. Bank

It used to be when I presented I tried to accomplish too much. I would rush to complete it and lose the punch line. By attending the Managing Your Message program I now establish more realistic goals and focus on the audience and what I need them to hear. I recommend that you invest the time and attend this course.

Rob Montgomery - Sherwin Williams

If you had ever told me a group could transform so much after just two-days I never would have believed it. The power of sustaining it afterwards with your long-term coaching/HOT sessions has caused everyone to constantly apply this way of thinking. Our discussions, meetings, and trust have gone to such a higher level. As a Vice President that makes my job so much easier. We no longer avoid the elephant in the room!

Tricia Dege - HealthPartners

Just after attending your Managing Your Message seminar, I had a sales presentation. Going in, I knew my client didn’t have a lot of budget or plans to change IT within the company, but did have concerns about growing needs without dollars allocated to match. I applied what I learned in the seminar and completely changed my approach, not only to my presentation, but also to the way I approached IT solutions. As a result, the client went from not knowing how these demands would be met, to having a comprehensive 4-Year IT strategy in place, all built around a fixed expenditure well within their budget. This approach led to closing the biggest deal of my career so far with my company – a 420K+ sale!

Dallas McMillen - Davenport Group

Attending Managing Your Message will definitely improve your presentation skills and build confidence to take you speaking to the next level. After I experienced Outcome Thinking I am able to clearly frame the goal, finish or drive to the outcome desired and I won’t be derailed by the executives “going down the rabbit hole.”

Melissa Sorenson - Prime Therapeutics

Before attending the Managing Your Message course the participants messages were not always understood and quite often misinterpreted. After just two days there was tremendous overnight growth of the individuals and their presentations. I highly recommend Outcome Thinking. It could completely change the amount of success in your career and personal life.

Kim Stephens - Schwans

Since learning about Outcome Thinking I now know what to include to make my presentations more structure and engaging, to be able to communicate the key points. My presentations would have too much detail and a poor close before attending Managing Your Message. This class is not a gimmick. It helps to quickly plan a presentation and deliver it in a positive way. I highly recommend this class.

Gerry Davies - OCLC