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In the past when I negotiated, it would take more time than I expected. After two days learning ProGOtiations® I have faster negotiations. I recommend you take this class as it will end up saving you time.

Hank Cashwell - Wells Fargo

I generally achieved success when negotiating but wasn’t sure why, and when things didn’t go well I felt very frustrated. ProGOtiations® has helped me have a much better understanding of the dynamics at play. I can now position myself better for success. This program certainly brings a helpful perspective and is time well spent.

John Burns - Wells Fargo

In the past my negotiations sometimes lacked clarity and identified points of closure. After learning how to ProGOtiate® I’ve gained clarity and direction towards the goal. This program is a very good use of your time and well worth the investment.

Brian Beaty - Wells Fargo

Previously when I would negotiate I was somewhat combative. Now with ProGOtiations® I have better communication, collaboration and mutual benefit. If you aren’t sure whether to invest in ProGOtiations® I say there’s great information that will develop a talent for work and life.

Marcos Bilbao - Wells Fargo

When I negotiated I would obtain results but not always a positive relationship. After learning how to ProGOtiate® I am able to set the lay of the land and offer a value added discussion and collaboration. Attending ProGOtiations® is a valuable tool to improve communication that has both parties walking away with a positive experience of the outcome.

George Valencia - Wells Fargo

Quite often my negotiations were too quick to come to a resolution. I was not thinking about the other person’s perception. As soon as I attended the ProGOtiation® training I started looking for their perception and focusing on the outcome. If you’re in a situation where you do a lot of negotiation, go for this training.

Craig McCue

When I negotiated in the past I generally got my way but not without some degree of struggle. Since attending ProGOtiations® I’ve changed the way I look at negotiating, not as a conflict but as a means to achieve a goal. Taking this training will have a positive effect on your negotiating style.

Ed McCaffrey - Wells Fargo

I would often come across as too strong and too focused on the results in my negotiations. With ProGOtiations® I’ve learned to slow down and focus on laying the landscape. I now know my audience. If you have to negotiate a lot this program has great tips and recommendations.

Steve McMaster - Wells Fargo

My negotiations were okay before I attended the ProGOtiations® course. Now it seems easier to get to what the “root” of the problem is. By taking this class you will learn something new and make negotiations and meetings go smoother.

Tom Marchant - Wells Fargo

My message would be implemented for a short time and then another program or message would be implemented. After two days learning Outcome Thinking there’s a shift in my focus to increase the effectiveness of my message. A new perspective is always helpful so I would recommend attending the Managing Your Message course.

Beth Lutz - Merchants Leasing