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When I negotiated before I was too empathic due to historical ties. After attending ProGOtiation® training I am more concise, less apologetic and stronger in my presentation. If you’re unsure of investing in ProGOtiations®, go for it! It will definitely be worth your time.

Va Xiong - Wells Fargo

Earlier my negotiations would usually remain cordial but often it would go down the rat hole. Since learning how to ProGOtiate® I now am laying out common ground and common designed outcome plus coming from the other person’s perspective can prevent the rat hole trip. Definitely do this training.

Melinda Sooy - Wells Fargo

Until I attended ProGOtiations® my negotiations sometimes didn’t come to resolution. I immediately was able to create a much more structured approach. I say take this training for sure!

Brian Smith - Wells Fargo

In the past when I would negotiate I didn’t get what I wanted. Now that I’ve learned how to ProGOtiate® I am able to read people better as well as phrase my statements better. This is a good class.

Lee Rogers - Wells Fargo

Beforehand I would tend to miss explaining the lay of the land and fail to make the emotional tie. After two days learning ProGOtiations® I was able to observe the effectiveness of the methodology and process work. If you’re thinking of investing in ProGOtiations®, Do It!

Chris Roan - Wells Fargo

Formerly when I would negotiate there was a lack of understanding of the other person’s perspective. With ProGOtiations® I now have a mutual intent and am willing to share. This class was very informative and useful.

Kris Rawal - Wells Fargo

Previously I would have extended sessions and drawn out resolutions when I would negotiate. I now have a crisper approach and more straight-to-the-point sessions. I would recommend investing in this ProGOtiation® course.

Greg Plevak - Wells Fargo

When I would negotiate in the past I could get too factual and not focus on the partner. After attending ProGOtiations® I am more focused on the partner. ProGOtiations® is a worthwhile partner.

Lori Monroe - Wells Fargo

Before ProGOtiations® I needed more focus on a plan. I will now be more direct and better at laying out the negotiation. If you’re contemplating investing in ProGOtiations® do it.

Scott Mays - Wells Fargo

In the past when I negotiated I considered it gamesmanship. Now with ProGOtiations® there will be collaboration and a joint pursuit of goals.

Garrett Macey - Wells Fargo