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Before attending Managing Your Message I would generally receive positive feedback on my presentations. After learning about Outcome Thinking I am more effective in my planning, I have a concise opening and more pointed presentations. Managing Your Message training has great content and the presentation was very good.

Jack Firriolo - Merchants Leasing

In my past presentations I would stutter and struggle for words. I wouldn’t make eye contact. Completing the Managing Your Message course changed how I present. I no longer stutter or struggle for words and I make eye contact with my audience. I would advise you to sign up and take the course. It will change the way you present.

Naveen Arjunan - OCLC

When presenting in the past I got nervous!! While attending Managing Your Message I learned about some relaxation ideas. I won’t focus on PowerPoint so much and I’ll start with a strong opening. I would strongly recommend investing in Outcome Thinking.

Amy Klimoski - Prime Therapeutics

I might stumble over a few things and get a little nervous when I would present before learning Outcome Thinking®. This class was very beneficial for me. The change in the structure of my presentation has helped greatly. I feel more confident leaving this training. I would tell anyone this is a great class. You get out of it what you put into it.

Blake Russell - Prime Therapeutics

When I would present in the past I would go astray. In just two days with Managing Your Message I gained more confidence, I became more engaging and learned to build a story. Outcome Thinking is a useful tool for taking the presentation to the next level.

Bill Forgette - OCLC

I have put myself first and not thought how others will perceive the information I was presenting. Using Outcome Thinking I can think and act from a different perspective. If you’re interested in this Managing Your Message training I suggest you attend. Knowledge is power and you will come away with something that you can use right away.

Jim Simmons - Merchants Leasing

I would often have a piece meal negotiation approach. With ProGOtiations® I now have outcome oriented negotiations. I would recommend that you take this class.

Gary Yi - Wells Fargo

Before learning how to ProGOtiate® my negotiations were hit and miss. Since attending this program my negotiations have a well defined purpose and roadmap to being more successful. This program is worth it. Just do it.

Cheryl Terry - Wells Fargo

Previously my negotiations always seemed like a battle. Now with ProGOtiations® it is more of a partnership. Investing in ProGOtiations® would be a very effective method to improve your negotiation skill.

Mitchell Soria - Wells Fargo

After I stated my position in my negotiation I sometimes got an agreement and sometimes I didn’t. Once I attended this ProGOtiation® program I will now look at all positions and work towards an outcome. This program was more useful that I thought it was going to be.

Richard Siegel - Wells Fargo