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In the past when I presented I was focused on the process more. Now with Outcome Thinking® I am focused on the outcome and the customer.

David Li - Primetherapeutics

I couldn’t tell whether I had gotten my message across in my previous presentations and probably had not made the message clear from the start. Once I learned the Outcome Thinking method I had more confidence that my intended message was clear and received feedback that it had been conveyed.

Bruce Washburn - OCLC

Before when I presented I would get derailed off the topic, I would give too much narrative and not enough facts. Now with Outcome Thinking® I feel more comfortable with a format to work from and will now attach all parts of my presentation to the goal. Attending Managing Your Message will help you evaluate your audience and their needs so you present from their perspective.

Michael Strom - Prime Therapeutics

I spent a lot of time preparing, planning and practicing my presentations, then the dynamic parts I would try to insert to liven things up would fall flat. Learning Outcome Thinking changed how I present. Now the introduction of the personal story gives me more ways to think about the presentation and how to connect with the audience. Managing Your Message is an informative, interactive seminar that is quite interesting and will give a new perspective as an audience member and presenter.

User Anonymous

Previously when I would present I would be anxious, uncertain I was connecting on a goal. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I focus on the audience and the goal of my presentation. If you were interested in Outcome Thinking I’d advise you to take it.

Andy Conley - OCLC

When I presented in the past I had a good story but I would mis-align the goals to covered. Using Outcome Thinking I now determine the correct goals for my presentations. Managing Your Message training is very usable. You walk away with concepts that you can immediately apply.

Dennis Cavagnaro - Merchants Leasing

Thinking of investing in Outcome Thinking? I encourage you to do so. Before experiencing Managing Your Message I would discuss generalities. While attending this training I learned specific techniques that were presented and tried improving my overall presentation.

Joni Danzl - Prime Therapeutics

I had high anxiety, wanting to be perfect when I presented. I was unsure what the audience needed to hear. Attending the Outcome Thinking® training I learned how to calm myself and discovered a great template to base my presentations on. Managing Your Message was well worth my time.

Theresa Schneider - Prime Therapeutics

Folks enjoyed the talk but were not sure how to apply it when I would present before. Participating in the Managing Your Message training taught me to start with the audience and develop my presentation in the form of a Roadmap. This course if very useful and if you’re interested you should attend.

Tod Matola - OCLC

Previously when presenting I had a hard time connecting with my audience. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message my presentations have better openings and closings.

Stephen Revel - Prime Therapeutics