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When I presented with others in the past I would get quizzical looks. My prospects did not understand the subject matter. Now with Outcome Thinking® I have a simplified, time saving designed seminar. I am much more confident in presenting and with working with others within my company. If you’re interested in Outcome Thinking®, Do It!

Alex Yohnk - Account Executive, Security Health Plan of WI

Before attending Managing Your Message, I would get nervous, ramble and lose the audience when I would present. After two days I clearly state the objective up front, I keep the audience in the know and I project more confidence. Outcome Thinking® was a very good experience.

Darin Janecek - CFO, ARI Network Services

I would always follow a script when presenting. As a result of attending the Managing Your Message training my focus is now on the customer and what is important to them, not what is important to me. I would tell anyone to do it. You would be amazed at the transformation in your presentation in just one day

Donna Herschleb - Account Executive, Security Health Plan of WI

My opening and closing was not streamlined or clear enough when I would present. After attending Managing Your Message I will very much be thinking about my openings and closings in a different way. I believe I will be more effective. I would definitely recommend this course. Rather than telling me what is “right” or “wrong” it has taught me how to reach my desired outcome.

Robin Huff - Account Executive, Security Health Plan of WI

In the past very little action was taken when I would present and there were always follow up questions. But now with the tools from Outcome Thinking® I have a system to focus my talks. This will help to keep me on track to deliver the right message and obtain the appropriate outcome. If you are considering this training, definitely attend.

Deb Klecker - Project Manager, Ecolab, Inc.

Before Outcome Thinking® my roadmap was not clear. I gave too much information in my presentations. Now I will have a clearer roadmap. I will be more focused and audience oriented. Experiencing Outcome Thinking® is positive advice.

Harriet de Man - Director Overseas, OCLC

Previously when I presented I just gave information but did not move people to action. I now feel more confident about getting the sale. I would tell anyone interested to “Do it.” They deserve to learn all they can.

Kay Brubaker - Account Executive, Security Health Plan of WI

I am not one who likes presenting. I get nervous, I clam up and my presentation doesn’t flow well. In just two days of Managing Your Message, I became more comfortable. My message flowed. Even though I was nervous, you gave me tools to use when I am nervous.

Judy Kramer - Director, Oracle

When I would present I would spew information with no specific outcome in mind. In just two days I developed an awareness of my ability to provide value and enable action through all aspects of my communication. Outcome Thinking® is a very influential program.

Eugene Scalf - Senior Product Manager, vRad

Before coming to Managing Your Message I talked at the audience with the purpose of informing. Now I will strongly consider the needs of the audience and my goals/outcomes to shape my message. If you are thinking of investing in Outcome Thinking® I say “Do It!” It is a great way to get out of the day-to-day and focus on improving communication styles.

Ben Davis - VP Irdeto