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Before Outcome Thinking® I would get through my presentation successfully but I got a lot of review questions. Now I am more succinct, clear and far better organized.

Robin Dircks - Functional Business Analyst – Prime Therapeutics

It used to be that I had not prepared effectively enough for my negotiation and often got defensive. Now after attending ProGOtiations® I know how to be better prepared and am thinking about the negotiation from the other person’s perspective which will help me to be more effective and arrive at a mutually agreeable outcome. I have always disliked negotiating and didn’t even realize how much I actually do negotiate in my job. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much this applied to my own situation and am interested in applying the techniques I learned at this class to get better at this.

Sheila Thelemann - Sr. Manager-Marketing, Prime Therapeutics

In the past when I negotiated I always focused more on “me” and what “I” wanted. After learning how to ProGOtiate® I look at where/how this affects the receiving party and then put their concerns first. The Outcome Focus® Approach to ProGOtiations® is definitely worth attending.

Denise Nelson - Clinical Program Specialist, Prime Therapeutics

Before attending ProGOtiations® I became too emotionally involved, frustrated, and felt backed into a corner. In just two days, based on the skills and activities we received to prepare for discussions, I was more confident in my message and knew how to better align my communication to highlight the clients concerns and needs. I would tell anyone unsure about how ProGOtiations® could help them to most definitely attend. There are very valuable lessons learned that are easily put into action and can be used for a lifetime.

Diana Dickmeyer - Director, Prime Therapeutics

I always tried to look for leverage and how “to win” when negotiating. Now with ProGOtiations® I will be working towards a shared goal. This course is more than a skill set, it’s a frame of mind.

Jeremy Schafer - Utilization Management, Prime Therapeutics

I wanted to give you an update on my Outcome Thinking® results – while I didn’t win Colorado (you may recall I was thrilled with my presentation) the response from the team was overwhelmingly positive. The decision not to purchase was the software itself – the presentation and all interaction with “sales” made the decision the most difficult the team has ever experienced! YAH … I made them think .. after 4 years of considering us this year we got closer than ever before! Thanks again for your fabulous training, I’ve used the tools in work and my every day family conversations.

Lauri McIntosh - OCLC

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in your Outcome Focus® Approach class over the last 2 days. I wanted to let you know that self improvement is something I am always looking to work on. I try to learn something new every day and after attending your class it justifies everything I have believed in. You were awesome!! I really think this helped me being the only person from Monster. The classes we take for training are good but it was great to see other peoples styles from other companies and not necessarily salespeople. I will promote you internally, so be prepared to receive a call from someone at Monster.

Looking forward to keeping in touch.

Jim Andrychuk -

I just wanted to tell you again, Thank you! Thank you for the time, effort and mostly the attention to each of us as individuals. The training made a huge difference in how I approached the discussion and the way I connected with the audience in a presentation I made yesterday.

Steve Lewandowski - HealthPartners

Now that I have had 3 weeks to implement "outcome presenting" I wanted to share my success with you. Being a seasoned presenter I needed to re-connect my passion for presenting with the audience. Your training was just what I needed. As you indicated I have gotten great feedback on implementing "anchors" into my presentation. The magic for me and my audience is back! Thank you.

Pam Pratts - First Franklin Financial Corp

I was concerned about what I needed to share or inform the audience of when I would present. With Outcome Thinking® I am now concerned about adding value to my audience. This was a great investment.

Mylinda Barisas Matula - Program Consultant, Rehab Care