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People would nod and say they agree when I would present but frequently they would go off and act in a different manner. Completing the Managing Your Message training left me with a stronger call to action and a closer connection with the audience which should result in the participants agreeing more often.

User Anonymous

I never used to use personal stories to connect to the message and it was difficult for an audience to understand why they needed to take action. After attending Managing Your Message I now see the value of using personal stories to connect with the audience and the questions to ensure I was addressing the person’s concerns. Outcome Thinking is a great approach to presentation skills training and the skills learned can be used at work and home.

Diane Quiles - Prime Therapeutics

I was often not confident my message got across when I presented in the past. Now that I’ve experienced Outcome Thinking I am focused more on my desired outcome. If you truly wish to improve your ability to communicate attend Managing Your Message.

Avery Finver - Merchants Leasing

In the past when I negotiated I was focused on my goals and objectives, my dialogue was less open. Now with ProGOtiations® I began to see the other side’s perspective and am more open in my negotiations. This was one of the most insightful trainings I’ve had. The concepts were well communicated, easy to implement and really changed my way of thinking about negotiations.

Brad Crandall - Wells Fargo

Before coming to ProGOtiations® I would get locked into a box. Now I have the ability to drive the negotiation by looking at the outcome from the beginning. If you’re considering this program you would be shocked by how little you need to change to get an impact. Small tweaks make large impacts!

Greg Swearingen - Prime Therapeutics

Before coming to Managing Your Message, I would struggle relaying messages to different groups. How to put all the information in to satisfy everyone was difficult. Now with Outcome Thinking®, I see that I can establish a plan prior to the presentation that will help me succeed. I would tell anyone considering the program Go! There is always room for improvement and I guarantee that you will learn something at this training.

Ben Flaaten - Epic Specialist – HealthPartners

In the past when I presented, my slides were developed with too much information. This often resulted in confusion. Now with Outcome Thinking® I am starting at the end which is more thoughtful. Revised in reverse. I would tell anyone to do it. It is valuable and a growth experience.

Jim McKenna - Director – HealthPartners

In the past I‘d feel like I did a good job presenting but also that I didn’t know what pieces I was missing or how I could be better. With Outcome Thinking®, I am more clear in my message and have a plan for organizing and preparing presentations. I also feel more confident presenting because I have tools to address the things that were “stopping” me before. If you are presenting to anyone (small groups, large groups), even on a semi-frequent basis, you should ABSOLUTELY do this program.

Jill Goring - Neurosurgery Supervisor – HealthPartners

Have you ever wondered when you are presenting who is the driver, you or the audience? That is what it used to feel like for me. I felt like I went all over the place, wherever the audience wanted to take me. Now with the clarity that Outcome Thinking® has given me, it is much easier to keep control over the group and keep the focus. I would tell anyone to Go to this program because it is extremely informative and helpful.

Hillary Timmons - Functional Business Owner, Claims – Prime Therapeutics

I am not one who likes presenting. I used to get nervous and felt like I needed to memorize my presentation and read through the PowerPoint slides. What amazed me with Outcome Thinking® was how I spoke slower which lets the audience process what I am saying. It also makes me less nervous. I use the system to determine the body of the message and the audience instead of what I think it should be about. You know, this was my second time through this and I learned so much valuable information even the second time! My thinking had elevated from last time and this just helped me push through it even more. Well worth it.

Laurie Hurtgen - Sr. Operations Manager – HealthPartners