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I was always focused on what I wanted my audience to hear when I would present. After learning Outcome Thinking my focus will change so that I’m asking “how can I add value?” “Why do they need me to speak with them?” “What is their need?” Absolutely take the course. The wisdom extends beyond giving a presentation.

Maureen Huss - OCLC

Blank stares were often a result of my presentations. People were unable to follow my content. After experiencing Managing Your Message I expect a higher level of engagement from the audience and that I will be better able to really connect with them in a variety of presentation situations. You should absolutely take this class if you have the opportunity. It may be the single most useful class I’ve taken during my 12 year tenure.

User Anonymous

Before when I presented I would run out of time to cover the important stuff. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I’ve learned to streamline the content to what is most important to the audience. Learning Outcome Thinking is a good idea. Especially if presenting is something that doesn’t come naturally or is uncomfortable for you.

Diana Holland - Merchants Leasing

In the past when I presented I would be thinking of the process. With Outcome Thinking® I’ve now become much more clear on the message I want to convey. The Managing Your Message training is definitely worth the investment.

David Carroll - Boomerang Barter

Before coming to Managing Your Message, there was hesitation in my presentation. I was unsure and insecure. Now with Outcome Thinking® I will be able to clearly state my goal and the next steps. I would tell anyone interested to definitely do it!

Brenda Belisle - Prime Therapeutics

In the past when I tried to make a “sale” I would focus on getting to “yes.” In just two days I saw myself flip to focusing on helping the client.

Leslie Peabody Barrett - Prime Therapeutics

I got so nervous and anxious about asking for the deal I would see “no” as a failure and couldn’t respond. After learning about Sales Excavation® I already feel relieved of the pressure to close the deal.

Linda Maus - Prime Therapeutics

Most often when I would present in the past I would get off track and into the “function/feature” mode. I lost focus on the audience. After attending Managing Your Message and learning about Outcome Thinking I have more focus on the audience and the preparation of my presentation. I highly recommend investing in Outcome Thinking. We all need to “sharpen the ax” regularly.

Christine Kirby - OCLC

Before attending Managing Your Message I had little interaction or engagement with my audience as well as between the audience members. Now that I’ve experienced Outcome Thinking my audience has more excitement, energy and interest in my presentation. This was valuable training.

Noukou Thao - Prime Therapeutics

Prior to attending Managing Your Message, I was confident in my presentations but I was now aware of any body language messages. After two days learning Outcome Thinking I’m even more confident and aware of my body language as well as my audience’s body language. This program is well worth your time and investment.

Gary Singer - Merchants Leasing