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Anne Warfield started with us a couple of years ago working with some of the vice presidents in the organization in how to present and put their thoughts together in a better way for executive level conversations. The group went through the training and as result of that the effectiveness of those interactions greatly improved.

Cameron Olig - Sr. Vice President Client Services Prime Therapeutic

Before participating in Managing Your Message I would always control the meeting. I would make it about me, not the person presenting. Now that I’ve learned about Outcome Thinking® I have more concise points, am direct and professional. If you take this class you receive feedback for you and aimed at other that will absolutely benefit you in some way.

Chris Murphy - Ameriprise

When I presented in the past I had more product features as a focus with less emphasis on the benefits to the audience. I will now be more focused on designing the presentation to reflect what the audience needs to hear since participating in the Managing Your Message class. There is lots of information that can be applied to many aspects of our life so I would encourage you to take the class.

Jean Bryan - OCLC

My presentations had too much detail before being a part of the Managing Your Message class. I now expect to see myself presenting based on the outcome desired and not the detail that’s not relevant to the audience. Outcome Thinking® is a good investment.

Jacqueline Bragg - Prime Therapeutics

In provided just information and not a call to actions in my presentations before Managing Your Message. I now focus on the action/objective of my presentation, what I want the takeaway to be. By learning about Outcome Thinking your presentations will be very easily organized which will make it easy to use going forward.

Nick Sandell - Vice President, U.S. Bank

Questions were asked that I was sure that I covered when I presented before being a part of Managing Your Message. Since learning Outcome Thinking I Will speak more to the audience’s focus. This course will add value to anyone’s presentation skills and work relationships.

Kenneth Reid - Manager, HealthPartners

When I participated in the Managing Your Message class I became more strategically focused instead of presenting more tactically. Everyone can benefit by learning Outcome Thinking®.

Kim Egan - Director HR, HealthPartners

Before when I would present I would focus on what I wanted to say instead of what should be the outcome of my message. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I now focus on my audience to identify their benefits from the outcome. This course is well worth it. I highly recommend attending.

Shannon Rantz - Vice President, U.S. Bank

I always focused on the number more when I presented in the past. Now that I’ve learned how Manage Your Message I am more focused on the big picture. Outcome Thinking will help you become more strategic in your presentations versus being tactical.

Theresa Janssen - Sr. Category Manager, Schwan’s

Managing Your Message is worth the time spent. I was time and soft spoken to start out and I improvised a lot before I went to this class. Now with Outcome Thinking I think about what/how the material I am presenting matters to the audience. I am now more conscious about speaking up and projecting my voice.

Lakmini Kidder - Director, Regions Hospital