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It used to be when I presented I would get really nervous and not present confidently. After attending two days on Managing Your Message my presentations have structure and I present with confidence.

Michael Quigg - Prime Therapeutics

My presentations were well organized but boring. After just two days participating in Managing Your Message I am now weaving in stories into my presentations which helps make the material more relevant and interesting. This is a worthwhile program. More so that many other training sessions I have been involved with.

Stacey Wideman - OLCL

I was struggling putting my presentation structure together. I would make last minute changes and sometimes struggle to remember where I was in the presentation. Then I discovered the Managing Your Message course. Since attending I am have a more focused structure with the end game being the audience. I strongly encourage all folks who present to go through this class. It sets the foundation of a presentation so well.

Rob Schulz - Schwans

Too much detail was put in my presentations in the past. I’ve tightened up the detail and will be more focused in my delivery now that I’ve experienced Managing Your Message. Outcome Thinking is well worth the money. It’s a well rounded training program for multiple industries.

Lisa Carter - Merchants Leasing

During my presentations I would get nervous and be unable to speak confidently and clearly. That changed after participating in the Managing Your Message course. I’m viewing the presentation from the perspective of the audience which has made it less daunting and I am able to think and communicate my comments more calmly and clearly. I am now much more comfortable up front. I think this experience was very informative and I plan to put my learning’s into practice, especially my approach to creating my slides and organizing my comments.

Adrienne Urban - World Fuel Services Corp.

After attending the Managing Your Message training I now have better use of my PowerPoint where in the past I used wordy PowerPoint slides. This caused me to focus on what I wanted to say, now I focus on the receiver/audience and what they want to get from the presentation. What a difference. It was well worth the time I invested.

Mike Reilly - Merchants Leasing

If you’re interested in Outcome Thinking I say “try it out.” It helps you focus on what you want to achieve. For me when I would present in the past I would get blank stares or I would feel really good about my presentation but then there would be no change or no action would be taken. After I attended Managing Your Message I became more focused on the action I wanted to happen which resulted in more attention and interaction from the audience.

Joep Kil - OCLC

Managing Your Message is a great exercise to complete even if you feel you’ve had these sessions or trainings before. You will learn new things about yourself and how others may hear you better. Before I attended this class I felt that I might confuse my audience by sharing too much information. Now with Outcome Thinking I organize my presentations around answering three to five questions that the particular audience should want to know.

User Anonymous

You will definitely pick up a lot of tips for preparing and giving a presentation if you attend Managing Your Message. Prior to this training I spoke and developed material that I thought was important. Now with Outcome Thinking it is easier to construct my presentations.

Patrick Smith - Prime Therapeutics

Hi Anne Here's how I used your book last weekend: Whenever my hubby, 9-year-old daughter and I have a long drive, I always read a book out loud in the car and we all discuss in en route. Last weekend, I thought it would be fun to bring yours. Here's what we did: I explained Outcome thinking to them. Then I read one of the case studies out loud. My hubby and daughter had to decide what the person's desired outcome was, and what the other person's POV was. Then I read what you had written in those sections. After that, knowing the outcome and POVs, we all took turns telling how we would handle the situation. We discussed the probable outcome of each suggestion. Then I read out your suggestion. What an interesting and revealling game! We discovered that my daughter is way smarter than either my hubby or I and naturally focused on Outcome Thinking. My hubby, being Chinese talked about what would and wouldn't work here in Malaysia. It was very enlightening. And, by the way, afterwards, my hubby read the whole book. Hope you're well Anne. Marianna

Marianna Pascal