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I wasn’t sure if I was connecting with the audience or asking the right questions. Then I learned about Outcome Thinking and I have better strategies to more effectively communicate with prospective clients. This class will help you hone your communication for higher level sales meetings.

Christian Rodgers - IgnitionOne

In the past my presentations were off course and I stumbled through towards the end of the presentation. Learning Outcome Thinking helped shorten my message. I now narrow the content to the important questions of my customers and I have a clearly defined goal. If you’re thinking of taking Managing Your Message I suggest you research the information and strongly consider attending.

Roger Royer - Merchants Leasing

Before attending Managing Your Message I would talk to a PowerPoint, pushing out the information I needed to get out. Once I learned about Outcome Thinking I started to consider the audience and what they should be getting from the presentation. Managing Your Message will make you re-think the way you present.

Chris Thewlis - OCLC

Now that I’ve spent two days with Outcome Thinking I focus on what the audience needs to hear and not on what I want to say. Attending Managing Your Message changes your thinking. Go for it.

Mike Czarnecki - Powervar

I may have provided too much content or provided content I felt was relevant previously when I would present. Now that I’ve learned about Outcome Thinking® I am focusing on messaging to a specific objective. I would say this training is definitely worthwhile. This training can benefit everyone.

Jami Berkness - Prime Therapeutics

I would get into the how & what when I presented in the past which made people get defensive. Once I engaged in Outcome Thinking I now ask “why” questions and probe for the “no” which gets me more information. If you are doing strategic selling learning Outcome Thinking is worth it.

James Yancey - IgnitionOne

I wasn’t sure quite how to format my presentation or how to best present it. Since I’ve attended Managing Your Message I understand better how to think when preparing my presentations. I now know to focus on what the audience wants to hear. I also feel more confident in presenting. Outcome Thinking is well worth the time and investment.

Glenn Fardy - Merchants Leasing

When I would present in the past my message would sometimes get muddled because I’d leave the audience to put the puzzle pieces together. After participating in the Managing Your Message training I now state my goal upfront and provide a Roadmap for the audience to navigate my content more effectively. My presentation is much more clear. I would recommend you attend this program. This was the most valuable training I’ve had in my entire career on a variety of levels. It was “more” than I expected it to be.

Kathryn Harnish - OCLC

Managing Your Message is a very worthwhile course that I highly recommend you attend. Prior to attending this course I followed a rigid formant and spoke at my audience. Now with Outcome Thinking I am able to be more fluid so I can speak to what my audience’s questions are and what I want them to remember.

Leonard Jomsky - Powervar

Re-focusing on what the audience wanted to hear, focusing on something that will help them are the changes I saw after spending two days in the Managing Your Message class. Before learning about Outcome Thinking I did most the talking and pushed the information on the audience. I found this course very well worth my time and investment. It could enhance your career path.

Chuck Dahlgren - Crystal D