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Learning Outcome Thinking will help you pick up on some key themes that should really help your selling. Before this class I asked questions to engage in dialogue but I didn’t actively listen. Now I can disarm the audience by understanding the mind and I pick up on the thread-lines better.

Craig Chinn - IgnitionOne

In my past presentations I would try to provide too much information and speak quickly to cover it all. Since attending the Managing Your Message course I am more focused on the audience and I am concise in presenting my information allowing me to speak more slowly. Outcome Thinking is beneficial in giving you a new way to present and have more effective meetings or presentations.

Craig Johnson - OCLC

In the past I tended to approach the conversation with a checklist of questions to get through during the session. With Outcome Thinking I now take into consideration elements of beliefs that my black the client and focus more on “go for the no” to get their guard down to more effectively have the necessary discussions. I recommend investing in Outcome Thinking as it makes you think differently about the standard approach.

Dominic Gramatte - IgnitionOne

I didn’t always know the presentation as well as I should nor did I clearly communicate the goal and three to five questions before experiencing Managing Your Message. After learning Outcome Thinking I am more confident. I can clearly lay out the goal and three to five questions to my presentation. I am the presentation and the PowerPoint is a tool. I highly recommend you take the class.

Edward Hoddenbagh - Powervar

So often in my presentations I tried to cram too much information into too little time. My audience was bored. Then I attended Managing Your Message. I’ve cut the amount of information I present and I have increased my connection with the audience. I feel this class is time well spent.

Mark Kesler - OCLC

Now that I’ve attended the Managing Your Message training I talk more and use less pages. I had too many pages before.

Hank Crews - Prime Therapeutics

I would use a lot of filler words in my presentations. By using Outcome Thinking I have a more organized presentation with less fillers. Managing Your Message provides excellent tips for overcoming nerves and staying focused on your presentation.

Emily Candib - Merchants Leasing

In the past when I presented each presentation became its own research project. Now with Outcome Thinking I have increased focus on simple statements of purpose. Managing Your Message is a great team building tool and event.

Constance Malpas - OCLC

Previously when presenting I had passive listening. I have a better connection with the audience and a clearer statement of purpose since attending Managing Your Message. I would suggest looking into this class. It was valuable to me.

Paul Haake - Powervar

I would present what I wanted to hear prior to attending Managing Your Message. After learning Outcome Thinking I now present what my audience wants to hear. This class was a good investment.

Tim Bushy - Prime Therapeutics