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Some of the stuff I wanted to convey was not getting across when I would present. Things I thought were important were not the things that people really heard. Attending Managing Your Message changed the way I present. I now make sure that I know the goal of the presentation up front and only put stuff in the presentation that gets me there. Take this class. It will make you a better communicator. Period!

Bryan Davis - OCLC

You’ll regret not investing in Outcome Thinking. I’ve learned to quit “selling” and focus on “solving” instead of “dumping” a great deal of data on my clients now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message.

Chip Peagler - Powervar

I often froze up, got sidetracked easily and tried to share too much information when I presented in the past. Attending Managing Your Message has taught me a simplified approach. My focus is streamlined which freed up my energy for other areas of emphasis. This class has great lessons, not just for public speaking, but with communication for everyday matters.

Anonymous Testimonial

In the past I tended to focus more time on introducing our new product and all its features. Now with Outcome Thinking I focus more on what I want from the outcome based on what the prospect is looking for. If you’re interested in attending this Managing Your Message class you will learn at least three new things. Would that be worth it for you?

Paul Bredemeier - Merchants Leasing

I realized I had to slow down and breathe after taking the Managing Your Message seminar. I always talked too fast before. Learning about Outcome Thinking was well worth it, for more than just presenting but also knowing a different mindset.

Troy Mohrman - OCLC

In the past when I presented, this is what happened…I won the business or gained commitment to the field trial products. Since participating in the Managing Your Message experience I don’t get emotional when challenged and have shorter PowerPoint presentations. You’re crazy if you don’t invest in this class.

Tim Maghan - Powervar

I was really nervous, unclear and ineffective with my presentations. Since participating in Managing Your Message I’m thinking about the outcomes and how to achieve them using Outcome Thinking. You would really be surprised all of the ways this class will help.

Stacy Brunner - OCLC

When presenting I would lack the confidence to make me feel like I was effectively communicating my message. I now have the tools to assist me in developing a well thought-out message. It is easier to remain on topic and feel confident in the delivery of my message after participating in the Managing Your Message class. The tools and skills gained in this class are invaluable.

Patty Carroll - Prime Therapeutics

I would mostly focus on my material in my past presentations. Since experiencing Managing Your Message I now focus on my message and the audience instead. Outcome Thinking is very beneficial and there is immediate benefit by attending this class.

Patti Kluth - Oracle

I used to focus on the message when I would present in the past. I focus on the audience now that I’ve experienced Managing Your Message. This training was definitely worth the time.

Timothy Foster - Prime Therapeutics