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I was always ready to defend my product before I knew about Outcome Thinking. Now I understand more of how the mind works in relation to sales. This class will absolutely retrain and old dog to new tricks.

Manevil Lewis - IgnitionOne

When I would present in the past I was nervous and it took a while for me to get to the point or implications. Now that I’ve attended the Managing Your Message class I am more authoritative, confident and I lead the presentation by setting expectations. I recommend you attend.

Maggie Lunetta - Haworth Marketing & Media

I tended to broadcast from a standard point of view when I would present. In two days learning Outcome Thinking my mindset changed. I will now listen more. I am able to prepare a goal statement very well even if I’m “on the spot.” If you are open to changing, Managing Your Message is worthwhile.

Geri Ingram - OCLC

Outcome Thinking is a fantastic objective take on common sales pitfalls that can be overcome. When getting prospects to the next step I would run into roadblocks but since learning about Outcome Thinking I now anticipate the pitfalls and adjust my approach.

Lisa Arsenault - IgnitionOne

When presented in the past I would get questions minutes after I thought I had covered the topic. Yet my presentation fell flat with no questions afterwards. I attended Managing Your Message. I can now think how I would put myself in the seat of the listener. The presentation is not for me, it’s for them. Investing in this course is worth it.

Irene Hoffman - OCLC

Outcome Thinking helped to switch my thinking to be about how to get my audience to take action; that I have something valuable to offer. I would get so nervous I didn’t know what I was saying or if I was even being heard before attending Managing Your Message. This class is very much worth the time and investment.

Patty Skroch - Ameriprise Financial

My presentations would go well if I knew the material. After learning Outcome Thinking I focus on what is important. I reformatted my message. If you’re thinking about attending Managing Your Message, I say “Go for it.”

Greg Hegstrom - OCLC

What I learned from attending this Outcome Thinking class is that everyone may not be a fit for the services my company offers. I would always try to go for the “yes” and “no” was a sign of failure. I suggest you try Outcome Thinking, it’s an effective selling strategy.

Krystal Taylor - IgnitionOne

In the past when I presented I didn’t necessarily get the results I wanted. Now with Outcome Thinking I’ve found a more efficient method to achieve the results I want. I would highly recommend attending Managing Your Message.

Carmen Candlin - OCLC

My presentations were too long, confusing and I did too much talking before coming to the Managing Your Message class. Now my presentations are simple, direct, organized and there will be a lot of discussion from my audience. Outcome Thinking is a great investment of your time and money.

Gene Sloan - Powervar