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The Managing Your Message class taught me a new way of preparing my presentation and I now have a better idea of how to get my message across to my audience which I wasn’t sure was happening in the past. I would recommend attending Outcome Thinking. Valuable insights and tips are shared.

Greg Lazzari - Lanxess

Before attending Managing Your Message my approach seemed very canned because it did not focus on the audience when I presented. Since learning about Outcome Thinking I now focus on the audience’s perspective. This class is worth the investment.

Dottie Tubbs - Group O

If you are looking to improve your presentation skills and are open to change, take Managing Your Message. After learning about Outcome Thinking I’ve now changed my focus to what the audience needs. When I presented before, my story and process was mostly successful but now I will be fully successful.

Jake Schirm - Sensus

In my past presentations I would move around the room too much. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I stay grounded. I still move around some but now I move, stay grounded then move again. Outcome Thinking is worth the money. Most places give you a ton of information but no pathway for practical application…this class does both.

Jason Yets - United States Coast Guard

In the past when I presented I may have missed some people. Since attending Managing Your Message I’ve learned to be more inclusive to the audience. Outcome Thinking is a good course.

Dennis Blowers - Lanxess

My presentations would go ok in the past but I would always look for more ways to engage the audience. Now that I’ve experienced Managing Your Message I will focus on adding value and engage the audience better with more focus on my opening. The Managing Your Message class is real world presentation skills. The before and after is compelling.

Chris Wykle - Sensus

Attending Managing Your Message has given me insight to become more strategic in preparing my material whereas before I was a tactical presenter. This is a fun class with a good instructor that was very helpful.

Betsy Durbin - Group O

In the past when I would present I had a tendency to ramble with no clear thought of setting up the message or delivering the message correctly. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I’ve learned how to create and deliver a concise and clear message. I present with a focus on the audience and “what is in it for them?” Are you thinking of investing in Outcome Thinking? I encourage you to take the course. It’s a positive way to change one’s self and to focus on the outcome of the presentation.

Lakshmi Buddhavarapu - Medtronic

90% of my feedback on my presentations in the past was it was too technical and complex. After learning Outcome Thinking I now focus on the high level goal of my message and less on the details. Investing in Managing Your Message is worth it.

Balu Ambady - Sensus

What do I say if you’re thinking of attending Managing Your Message? This is a logical no brainer. Take the course. Make the investment. You will be more effective. Before learning about Outcome Thinking I focused on me and my message to the audience. Now? The pressure is off me and I am adding value and answering the needs of my audience.

Heather Giovingo - Inovalon