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Virtual E-Training - Find out Your Brain Style Communication

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Become a Strategic Communicator that is More Collaborative, Creative & Less Defensive by Building on Your Brain Strengths. Includes Personal Communication Assessment.

 Have you ever felt that no one hears your ideas? Ever felt frustrated by something a team member said? 

Studies have proven that teams that have a high trust and rapport with each other tend to be happier, more creative and collaborative and have less stress in their lives. Work should be a place to REJUVENATES you, not one that depletes you.
I have learned that in order to build that team atmosphere a critical factor is to understand not, why people do what they do, but rather what is their brain trying to protect. Once you know that simple fact you can be more influential in getting others to listen to your ideas, try new things, build on each other's strengths and get more done in less time.


  1.  90 Minute Virtual Training with Anne Warfield - This was a live session that inluded 60 Minutes of pure content followed by 30 minues of Q&A by top leaders and sales professionals just like you.
  2. Personalized Outcome Thinking® Communication Assessment (usually only a part of our $1500 seminars)  so you will know your communication style and how you can effectively communicate with others so that they take action on what you say.  The Assessment can be completed on-line before the session.

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