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Outcome FocusĀ® Communication Assessment


Outcome Focus® Communication Assessment

Learn your communication style using the Outcome Focus® Communication Assessment.


Have you ever wondered why you communicate the way you do? Does your personality affect your communication and if so, how?

It is an excellent assessment tool for individuals as well as teams and leaders to learn how to communicate most effectively with others.

Have your entire team take the Communication Style Assessment and receive your customized report that includes your entire teams individual communication styles as well as how you can best motivate and coach each person; what you might be doing that is stopping the team, and see what gaps you may have with your team.

It includes feedback on how to best communicate with each team member and a color coded graph detailing the entire team's communication styles.

Please contact us for pricing information.

Please include information on the number of people in your group, what you wish to see your group learn from the Communication Assessment and your name, position, email and phone contact information.

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