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You Can Become an Effective Speaker by Taking our Presentation Skills Course

We offer two day presentation skills seminars that will provide you with the presentation skills training you need.

Presentation Skills Training

Imagine speaking with such authenticity and authority that people take action on what you say! 

You don't have to be an executive to speak with executive presentation skills.

The Outcome Focus® Approach to Managing Your Message is a two-day interactive presentation skills program based on the groundbreaking brain-based Outcome Thinking® Methodology that will go past behavior and content coaching to help you enhance all sides of your communication-spoken and written to bring you to a new strategic level with your messaging.

From our presentation skills course you will learn an easy to follow system that will have your exude Executive Presence from knowing how to frame your message, what to put in your presentation, how to simplify the complex and how to deliver it so they hear it, embrace it and act on it. If you want your message to cascade down, it has to first resonate.

How would your life change if whenever you spoke people took action on what you said? What would the blend of authenticity & authority do for you?

Our presentation skills seminars are designed for leaders and individuals who want to go beyond behavioral techniques to unleash the full potential of their brain so they speak with authority, authenticity and integrity at all times.

What’s Different?

Here are six key ways we differ from other presentation skills training companies:

  • You work & present from your own presentation material
  • Focused Quality Taping both days
  • Proven 4 Step System that is applicable both spoken & written communication
  • Designed for easy brain recall, not just classroom learning
  • Focused on the STRATEGY of thinking & speaking, not just the mechanics of talking
  • Work with an Outcome Thinking® Expert, not a facilitator

If what you do is driven by how you think, why waste the time getting up presenting about nonsense 8 times? Getting you up to speak multiple times, and then be pulled out of the room to be coached is a sure sign the program is focused on mechanics & behavior, not on the strategic thinking. 

Our effective presentation skills seminars focus on the strategic thinking and execution for that is where the power of you really exists.  In our program you will find your body language habits will automatically change as your thinking changes. This is important because when you are presenting to the Board or a client you don’t want your energy focused on remembering “don’t jingle your change” or “make soft eyes,” you want to be focused on the audience, your message and getting results.

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Real Results People Achieve:

Save time and increase your productivity- on average our clients experience a 25% savings in time and an increase in their productivity of 25%- this gives them more time to be more strategic in their presentations. Sales Professionals can reduce sales cycles by over 70%!

Limited enrollment allows each individual presentation skills course allows each individual presentation coaching attention.

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What Clients Are Saying:

Reserve your seat for one of our upcoming open presentation skills training seminars in Minneapolis, MN.....

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sharing a candid testimonial after the program and then sharing your results after using Outcome Thinking® for six months and one year. It's that easy...

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 April 10-11, 2017

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June 12-13, 2017

You will be able to....

  • Get to Yes with less stress
  • Build it, say it, & deliver it in half the time
  • Simplify & give context to the complex
  • Be strategic, congruent and build trust even with Q & A
  • Communicate with high impact & influence Outcomes
  • Impact ALL your communication skills - written & spoken!

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“Just after attending your Managing Your Message presentation skills seminar, I had a sales presentation. Going in, I knew my client didn’t have a lot of budget or plans to change IT within the company, but did have concerns about growing needs without dollars allocated to match. I applied what I learned in the seminar and completely changed my approach, not only to my presentation, but also to the way I approached IT solutions. As a result, the client went from not knowing how these demands would be met, to having a comprehensive 4-Year IT strategy in place, all built around a fixed expenditure well within their budget. This approach led to closing the biggest deal of my career so far with my company – a 420K+ sale!”

- Dallas McMillen
Davenport Group

If you had ever told me a group could transform their presentation skills so much after just two-days I never would have believed it. The power of sustaining it afterword's with your long-term coaching/HOT sessions has caused everyone to constantly apply this way of thinking. Our discussions, meetings, and trust have gone to such a higher level. As a Vice President that makes my job so much easier. We no longer avoid the elephant in the room!"


- Tricia Dege

“Anne, I just had to call you today to share with you the success I have found using the Outcome Focus Approach to Presentation skills training in my big client meeting.

The meeting was a huge success! We walked ADDING $10 million of additional business with them! My company is thrilled and the client is thrilled.

Anne, in the past I would have focused on what we wanted and how to get it. I can't believe how much Outcome Thinking has made in impact in growing my business and my relationships by focusing me on the Outcome instead of the process. Thanks a million...or make that $10 million!!"

- John Hefner
Associated Hygienic

Group size is LIMITED allowing you optimal learning with premium attention to you personally. You can attend presentation skills classes individually through our open enrollment or you can have us customize a class for attendees from your company at a location of your choice.

Whether you are a company executive or new manager, having the ability to speak effectively to other people is critical. Our two day presentation skills course will help you develop the traits you need in order to present information to individuals or to groups in an easy to understand fashion. No matter what your role is, you will benefit from going through one of our presentation skills seminars. You are likely to enjoy our presentation skills training so much that you will recommend it to all of your co-workers and friends. Our presentation skills seminars are designed to aid professionals who work in almost all sales and leadership roles. 

Exerpt from IMP's Blog:

For many working people, regardless of their employment title, effective communication is a key aspect of overall success. Whether communicating with peers or delivering a presentation to management or potential investors, an individuals’ ability to effectively express their thoughts can determine their role and achievements within a company.

The business world is competitive and every company is looking for any and all available opportunities to put them ahead of their competitors. Enrolling in presentation skills seminars can be lucrative and rewarding. Any team leader who is interested in improving the workplace atmosphere and increasing productivity by as much as twenty five percent should consider enrolling in a presentation skills course. The skills acquired can be applied to not only formal presentations, but any type of interaction where the goal is to deliver a concise, clear and informative message. It is not surprising that a presentation that is delivered with poise, energy and with a clear communicative message produces more positive outcomes.

The best seminars challenge individuals to find an authoritative and equally inspiring voice to motivate employees or customers to think and act in the most effective way. Taking a presentation skills training course from a reputable company with a proven track record enlightens the communication experience. In each class we will showcase the power of incorporating specific tools that compel your audience members to understand your message, and ultimately, influence their way of thinking towards a particular topic.

We offer an extensive list of presentation skills seminars and webinars so that any business can benefit from the service regardless of physical location. Our presentation skills training classes cover crucial topics ranging from leadership to “conflict harmonizer” and even train-the-trainer programs. Each presentation skills course offers insight, practice and skill sets that effectively aid corporate leaders and sales professionals alike in the pursuit of appropriately delivering their message to any given audience.

Sometimes having the right tools and dedicated motivation is the winning combination to succeed and become the strong, influential leader you want to be. If you are looking for the next step in becoming a stronger, more effective leader, we encourage you to enroll in one of the courses offered so that you can begin to benefit from the insights and skills which will give you the edge you deserve.

There are so many levels to Outcome Thinking® which is what I love. As master trainers, we continue to improve our presentation skills to increase the value add for you when you attend an Outcome Focus® Approach to Managing Your Message Seminar.   I even found personally that I am able to share concepts at a Board level and with my leadership team to connect and help drive results. This approach is instrumental in improving our Presentation skills course, Presentation skills seminars and Presentation skills training.

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