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the way you think, listen and speak!

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  • IMP Clients
  • IMP Clients
Presentation Skills Training

SPEAK WITH High Authority


Become more influential by speaking strategically with  executive presentation skills.


Save money, gain resources and close the deal. 

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Presentation Skills Course

Strong Executive Presence


What can you do to make sure you are always heard and respected? 


Join us to find out the secrets to Powerful Presentation Skills. 


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Negotiation Skills Training Seminars

Negotiation Skills  Training

Eliminate 70% of what hits the negotiation table.


Learn how to negotiate even if you have no leverage.


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What Will Outcome Thinking Do For You?

Imagine an entire team of leaders and sales people executing at the same level as your top executives.  What if they could all get to the heart of the discussion quickly and succinctly and strategically?

With our unique brain-based methodology, Outcome Thinking®, your team learns an integrated platform of communication that is global in application.  They will learn how to remain poised, strategic, and transformational when they speak, negotiate, sell and lead.  

You will go beyond behavior to making long-term sustained changes that build a culture of high trust, accountability and integrity.  The consistent comment we hear from CEO’s is, “they now think like I think without me having to be there!  Saves me so much time.”

With the option of strategic leadership development, negotiation skills, presentation skills training, and sales training seminars, customization, train-the-trainer and online programs you are sure to find a match to your needs and time to deliver the best results for you.

Who We Are

We work with mid to large size companies that are looking for their leaders and sales people to become more strategic and influential.  Our clients live in complex environments like Healthcare, Finance, and Software—environments that require their leaders and sales people to speak and execute at a high level so they can make the complex easy to follow and act on.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Impression Management Professionals was founded on the sole desire to help people maximize their best asset—their brain.  Through our revolutionary brain-based Outcome Thinking® Methodology your team will learn practical and pragmatic approaches to expand their thinking, listen with insight, and speak authentically.

We give you an integrated approach that can be done as customized virtual or live training or very cost effective through Train-the-Trainer.  We go beyond behavior to help you create the thinking that will automatically change the behavior and drive results such as 25% savings of time, 70% reduction in sales cycles, and increased collaboration and trust amongst teams.

Corporate programs for  strategic presentation skills training, negotiation seminars and corporate leadership development.