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I first attended an Outcome Thinking® program for leaders in 2006. Being a pretty successful presenter I wasn’t sure how this program would be different from typical presentation programs. Because we worked with our own presentations and material I found it helped me see more clearly how and why I share information the way I do so that I could then make my own communication more effective.

Outcome Thinking® improved my ability to pull together succinct information, be more authentic in my delivery and helped me speak with more confidence. Because I saw the benefits of this program in my own presentations, I then put my entire team through it.

Since 2006 I continue to send new leaders so they can be more transformational in the way they think, listen and speak. I find that Outcome Thinking® really aligns with my philosophy as a leader as it helps all the leaders to be more open in their thinking so they can be more collaborative and innovative. For me, I find that once people have learned Outcome Thinking® they are less defensive and more open to hearing how they can bring things to the next level in their performance. Their mind is so focused on the others that they hear things in a different way.

In our job working in hospital and clinic settings we need leaders to be able to see how what they say impacts physicians, patients and staff so they say the right thing at the right time.

It is essential that all of our messaging is aligned with our organizational goals and strategic direction- Outcome Thinking® helps them do just that. Matter-of-fact, the difference between those that have learned Outcome Thinking® and those who haven’t gone through it is so easy to distinguish that we can tell if someone is communicating using Outcome Thinking® approaches. If you are a leader looking to get your team to be more independent, more strategic and have a stronger executive presence, Outcome Thinking® is for you.

Megan Remark - Senior Vice President, Specialty Care, HealthPartners