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Wow it was fun sharing how to use Outcome Thinking® to make negotiations flow better!  Now your are ready for your next steps.  I truly believe that all negotiations are building blocks to a better relationship provided you handle them well.  As you saw in our conversation, there are many moving parts to dealing with conflict effectively and so I want to offer some ways to best help you do that.

Remember it is your job is to get to the facts and to let the sun rise on the information so you can reach the best outcome. The more factual information you have at hand the better the negotiation will go.  This includes getting what the other party is thinking or desiring down on the table as well.
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1)  Your Special Report on Conflict Management that will help you continue to build on your new skills.  Inside it you will find the answers to:
  • Three beliefs that make you handle conflict poorly and how to overcome them
  • How to help your team have healthy conflict discussions
  • How to give feedback so you get people to change behaviors
  • How to remove barriers so the conversation is less defensive
2)  A Negotiation and Conflict Management Article.

We have a Virtual Session you can get in on to be able to see exactly what your brain and communication style are so you can see how to communicate more strategically even under great pressure. 
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