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Personal Message from Anne Warfield

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014


Anne Warfield, CEO

Anne Warfield

Wow! Here it’s almost Fall and I am sending my first born off to college and the others are preparing for back to school. To me, it is funny, to think that we spend all these years putting knowledge in to children’s brains and less time helping them build better pathways to deal with conflict, challenges and obstacles that will naturally come their way.

Did you know that your brain learns best through failure? You know we would never think about stopping a baby from learning to walk no matter how many times she fell because we KNOW it is possible to walk.

With obstacles, challenges or conflict you run in to you need to build, for your brain, the confidence that it is POSSIBLE to solve this easily. You want to believe the best intentions and then hold people accountable for living up to those best intentions. This means you call them out when they act in appropriately as you assume their intent is not to act out at you but instead to try and protect themselves.

Today’s situation is all about dealing with that person who walks over others and can make you feel like mush.

By the way, if you work with many people like this, I encourage you to look in to our Managing Your Message Session (there is one in September) so you can get a better grasp at how to message things and manage that person or look in to our Executive Coaching which will focus on helping you build the Executive Presence you need so that you can manage the atmosphere every time you enter a room or a conversation. It is like bringing in your own serenity blanket!

Enjoy the Fall and all the changes it brings. Just like our kids, we should always be putting ourselves back “in school” to make sure we mold, stretch and align our brains to make sure we mold, stretch and align our brains to better deal with an ever changing world.

Presentation Skills Tips – 3 Ways to Grab Listener’s Attention

Monday, June 10th, 2013

presentation skills TipsSteve Jobs was a master at it.  He built suspense from the first time he emerged with his Mac in a bag to one of the last times we saw him speak about the new iPhone.

Most people don’t know how to build suspense, capture interest and move the audience.  Whenever you speak you should be compelling enough to move the audience to action.

Here are some quick presentation skills tips on what you can do to make your presentation more focused and engaging:

1. Let the audience know right up front what they will get in the time with you.  Let their brain start to focus on the result they will have in hand.

2. People are mostly interested in themselves of focus your presentation on how what you are saying is relevant to them.  Even using the words, “this is important to you because” works! Don’t assume they will know the WHY behind what you are saying.

 3. Build in the human element.  Stories that relate what you are talking about to every day challenges and issues can be a huge connector and hit.  Stories engage the full brain of those listening and removes skepticism.

TAKE ACTION:  Use these three quick presentation skills tips to make your next talk more about them, less about you, and engage them right away.

Impression Management Professionals is a strategic leadership training company located in Minneapolis, MN.  Grow how you think, listen and speak and attend one of our Outcome Focus Seminars on presentation skills, negotiation skills or strategic leadership.   952-921-9421

Presentation Skills Tip – Come From Their Angle, Not Yours

Monday, February 18th, 2013

presentation skills TipsPresentation Skills Tip – Many times you will be asked to present at the last moment.  This usually causes a flurry of panic as you try to think of all the information you need to share with the client.

You automatically think, “What information do I need to share with this client or what do I think they would want to know.”  The problem with this approach is that it will cause you to “brain dump” everything you know and then some JUST to make sure you hit on any concern they might have. This approach causes your brain to search for what they need to know, why they need to know that information and how your product or service works.  It is all about you and your company and then you relate it to them.

A better approach is to immediately think, “Why does this client need to know this?”  This approach will cause you to focus on their problems and concerns, how you can help them and what you need to do together to make things work for them.  It is all about them and their company and how you relate to their needs.

Now you have them riveted in their seats.

About Anne Warfield

As the leading Outcome Strategist, Anne Warfield shows people how to say the right thing at the right time every time.  The revolutionary Outcome Focus® Approach shows how to build a candid corporate culture of communication that allows you to lead, present and negotiate transformationally rather than transactionally. When applying Outcome Thinking® our client’s results include sales cycles reducing by 75%, turnover reducing by 30%, silos evaporating, and a 25% savings of time by executives.  Find out how you can maximize your corporate culture for greater productivity and results!  Contact us at 888-imp-9421, visit  or email

Leadership Development: How To Get Staff Involvement

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

What techniques can assist you in encouraging more involvement from employees at staff meetings?

How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Monday, February 11th, 2013

presentation_skillsLearn How to Speak With Confidence & Authority.  Speaking with confidence and authority does not mean you need to talk AT your audience, nor does it mean that you need to be a “know-it-all.”  You do not need to have all the answers either.

You DO have to ask the right questions.

Here are a few things that show confidence and authority to the audience:

Read the entire article at, a presentation skills rich resource website.

Anne Warfield