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Negotiation Skills – Failure Is Not An Option

Friday, October 26th, 2012

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What if you are negotiating and failing is not an option?  What do you do?

Listen in as Anne Warfield, CEO of Impression Management Professionals shares a negotiating tip for you!

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Video Lesson: Leadership Skills – Work Through Stress and the 7 Minute Rule

Friday, July 27th, 2012

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Learn about the 7 minute rule and how it can impact your team and your productivity.
Get more Yes with Less Stress and save time and energy.

What matters is how you work through stress……

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A Fatal Mistake that Can Kill Your Negotiation

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Have you ever been so prepared for a negotiation and then all of a sudden, people are at each others throat, you feel yourself back against a wall and all you wonder is…what went wrong?

One of the number one mistakes when coming in to a negotiation is not that people are unprepared but that they are over prepared and locked in to their own thinking.  Literally you have drank your own Kool-Aid on why you should get what you are asking for that you are blindsided when they come at you with an angle you didn’t think of.

In Vince Flynn’s book Kill Shot he writes, “the natural mistake was to get so caught up in your situation that you failed to analyze the motives, maneuvers, and talent of your opponent.”

Before building your negotiation, build your opponent’s negotiation first.  This will you in three specific ways:

1. It will cause your brain to “unlock” its hold on assumptions and opinions easier so you focus on facts more.

2. It will cause you to become less emotionally tied to your side

3. It will help you build a more holistic and centered negotiation that brings clarity to the outcome you desire to achieve.

Take Action:

Look at an upcoming negotiation or conflict situation.  Think through everything from the other person’s perspective, remaining positive about their reasons.  See how it shifts what you think and how you would say things with this new insight.

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Leadership Skills – How To Drive Results

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

I love this quote because it reminds you that not taking risk may be safe but that isn’t what you are made for.

You are here because there is greatness in you and you need to explode your talents.

So here is what I recommend you do this week:

  1. Look at where you have been playing it safe.  Then determine a risk you are willing to take and just do it.
  2. For your team- as a group look at some things you have gotten complacent in how you do them.
  3. As a team determine some new risks you can all take that will allow your groups to excel.
  4. Once you have taken the risk do a debrief on what worked, what didn’t and what you feel the overall impact is.

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Leadership Developement – The Secret To Quick Problem Solving

Monday, June 4th, 2012

The entire team had been wrestling with same problem for years.  When we came in and evaluated the situation we found the solution was extremely obvious.  So why had they missed it?

You often have a hard time solving a problem because you become to enmeshed in the problem.  Thus you get lost in what is fact versus what is fiction.  In order to over come this try these simple steps with your team:

1. State the problem clearly.  This allows you to truly examine the nature of the problem so you can then see how it might be solved.  For example,  I often found it hard to stick to an exercise program.  When I really stated the problem it came out as “I hate exercising because I hate knowing that I have to exercise and that feeling that it is something I have to do drags at me all day.”

As I looked at it, I realized it isn’t exercising I hate but rather the thought all day long that I have to do it.  So I started doing my exercising first thing in the morning and guess what…I happen to eat better during the day as well because I figure since I did exercise I might as well stay on that path.

2. Once your group has clearly stated the problem look for SIMPLE solutions.  I find that the best solutions are simple ones that are easy to put in place.  In our Outcome Leadership Program we have an exercise the group does to problem solve a real life problem.  The solutions usually take care of a symptom of the problem but they don’t get to the root of the problem.  The ironic thing is the long-term solution that fixes the problem ends up being simple to do, takes no extra resources and costs ZERO money.  It blows leaders away when they realize their “solutions” would have caused more problems and still never addressed the real problem.

Take action by taking a problem your group faces and really articulate what the problem is and see if the right solution pops up for you.

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