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Executive Presence – Can You Turn People’s Mind?

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Executive Presence

One of the real skills of someone with strong Executive Presence is the ability to get people to see a situation from a completely new angle so they are able to change their mind and save face.

Executive Presence Tip – one of the great ways to do this is to become aware of how to use duality, quotes and insights that make people stop and think.

So imagine that we have to launch a product in a whole new market and there is a ton of pressure on us to succeed. We know the new market is untested and there is a real danger that this product, similar to another one that launched and died, could not succeed. You are the leader and you need everyone to work past this desire to take the safe route and take some risks. You step up to talk to them. What would you say?

You could start with a duality quote:

Will Smith in his new movie said, “oh the danger is real. Fear is a choice.” We are all faced today with the danger that this product might not succeed but our biggest handicap is not that, it is that we may be bound by fear and not take the risks to make it succeed. So I say Fear is a choice and I ask all of us to leave that fear here in this room and chose to push past the fear together to take smart risks so we succeed.

Notice the duality is that most people see danger and fear as the same side of a coin but in this instance I showed how they can actually be two different sides of the coin.

TAKE ACTION – Executive Presence Tip: Start looking for duality and quotes you can use. Write them down in your I-pad or phone so you can use them later. I snap a lot of pictures of funny quotes or scenes so I can use them later.

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Anne Warfield Job Interviewing Tips

Friday, May 31st, 2013

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Job Interviewing Tips:

Anne Warfield is interviewed about the Outcome Focus Interviewing System on why this process is different from other interviewing systems.

Learn how to demonstrate how you think rather then share what you do.  Focus on sharing how you can add value to the company to help them reach their goals.

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Excerpt from the website:

What you hold in your hands today is 25 years of cumulative knowledge. These are secrets to interviewing that I have been sharing with executives and professionals all over the world. Once applied, these skills have put them on their executives’ radar as a key player in the corporation. A result we all desire.

The start of this system actually came from my own interviewing experience right out of college. Almost every job I interviewed for, I received a job offer. Why? Many of the jobs I wasn’t qualified for in terms of technical skills or degree they desired. I started to pay attention to the magic of what happened, what I said, and how I responded to the interviewer that made such a huge difference. A difference so huge it created job offer after job offer. It is this skill we have been training professionals on for over 15 years.

This magic is now available for you to hold in your hands. You will quickly see why professionals stand out once they grasp the Outcome Focus™ Interviewing System. Now is your time—your future is wide open.

Leadership Communication – Is Your Team Informed To Act Properly?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Leadership CommunicationA team that functions at a high level is one that feels connected to what is happening in the company and is quickly brought up to speed on new developments.  Here is a leadership communication tip for you to consider.

When a team doesn’t know how a new project, transition, merger, or other change will impact them their energy moves completely off of completing their work and instead spirals around building stories about what is happening behind the scenes. I have seen teams get so derailed from this that they no longer can even make their quotas.

To keep your team from doing that you need to have a fine tuned system of sharing information so you get out timely reports without inundating people. This constant “tap” of information actually calms the brain down and allows it to now focus on the work that needs to be done.

Right now in Eden Prairie there is a young woman Mandy Matula that is missing. It is believed she was killed by her boyfriend. Every day for the last week the police department has emailed out an update to all of the residents sharing what is happening, and how the community can best assist in the search. The format of the emails is always the same so you feel it is familiar the minute you see it.

Now some of these emails say the exact same thing they said the day before. That is fine as the implied message is “there is no new news”. As you can imagine this has significantly cut down the number of calls they get asking for updates on what is happening. It reduces fears, makes everyone feel connected, keeps it top of people’s mind, and keeps us out of the police people’s way so they can get their job done.

TAKE ACTION: For any big change coming in your organization think about how you can communicate with the group to reduce fears, keep focus and build trust.  Successful leadership communication in frequent, consistent short spurts is often best to keep the brain focused.

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Leadership Values – When Right Is Wrong

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Leadership Values - Charmed SeriesMy daughter and I love watching Charmed- the television show about the three witches. In one episode Phoebe is about to be put to death for killing someone who it turned out was not a good man and her sisters are frantically trying to free her. Phoebe accepted she had to die and said to her sisters, “the wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing.”

As I look at that line it reminds me how much as a leader you need to make sure that the leadership values you stand for are crystal clear to people and you can’t ever compromise them.

So what makes a company misstep?

When your leadership values and your goals don’t match it is a perfect storm for the “wrong thing to happen for the right reason.” Imagine that you work for a company and are consistently told that you need to cut all costs and at the same time one of the companies printed client promises is to exceed expectations. Now the customer calls, and through no fault of yours, they can’t find the package you delivered. Would you send another one? Just tell them the one was delivered?

At this point the goal and the leadership values are in absolute contradiction and the employee won’t know which to follow. Should I take care of the customer even if it means we have to absorb an extra cost at not fault to us? Or do I stick with the cost cutting and just tell them to find it as we did deliver it?

When leadership values and goals are in conflict, employees will always act in accordance with the one they will be rewarded for. That means you need to really watch to ensure all goals and leadership values are aligned.

TAKE ACTION: Go back and look at your goals and leadership values. Any that don’t align you will want to rework so that they support each other.

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Executive Presence – Are You Giving Up Your Power?

Friday, May 17th, 2013

executive presenceExecutive Presence is the ability to capture the respect, trust and confidence of an audience quickly and cleanly.  There are many components to Executive Presence that we teach but the one I will focus on now is one I find is often elusive for people.

No one wants to give up their power but I find that about 80% of all people we work with do that on a daily basis without ever knowing it.  So what is it they do and how can you avoid making the same mistake?

David Foster in his speech titled “This is water” said,  you must make a “conscious decision about HOW to THINK and WHAT to pay ATTENTION to” in order to make good decisions. Why?  Because your brain is designed to quickly go and to “what about me?” and try to protect you.

This small act by your brain causes you to close down your listening, prejudge what others say, create your own stories about why others do what they do, and make assumptive decisions.  These assumptive decisions are then seen by others as short-sighted, me focused and tactical.

For your decisions to be seen as strategic you want to open up your brain.  So as odd as it sounds, start NOTICING how you think and what you pay attention to?  Force yourself to see things POSITIVELY from the other perspective.  The more you practice this the more your brain will automatically seek out alternative sides to problems, challenges and issues.  This will cause others to see you as insightful, wise and trusting.

TAKE ACTION:  This next week actually write down your thoughts when you run up against problems/challenges.  Note any negative patterns that run through and start to eliminate them.  Go and watch David’s speech on YouTube to see if it sparks more thoughts for you.

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