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Presentation Skills Tip #1: What can turn your audience off?

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Presentation Skills Tip 1I want you all to sit back, close your eyes and imagine…”

Have you ever had a speaker ask you to do that?  I love looking around to see how many people are “peeking” or just looking at their laps.

When you ask the audience to shut their eyes you are asking them to have an extreme amount of trust in you.  You better be sure you have earned that trust or you will really put people off.  The other day I ordered a sandwich on French bread. The sandwich man took out the bread, started to cut it and then tossed it out.  He looked at me and said, “If I wouldn’t eat it I don’t serve it.  The bread is too hard.  Would you like to make another choice?”  I loved it!

He built trust by being straightforward; he didn’t bash his company and he gave me an option.

Whatever you ask your audience to do make sure you would be willing to do it if you were a shy person or a skeptical person.  Those are your two toughest audiences. Build trust with your audience by being vulnerable yourself.

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What Romney and Obama’s Body Language Says…

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

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Anne Warfield shares what Romney and Obama’s body language says during the Presidential Debates on October 16, 2012.

Anne Warfield is a body language expert located in Minneapolis, MN.  She is CEO of Impression Management Professionals a strategic presentation skills training company helping leaders manage their message using Outcome Thinking.

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Top Sales Mistakes Made in Front of the Client – Video Blog

Friday, October 5th, 2012

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Anne Warfield shares a few of the top sales mistakes people make when in front of the client. Use Outcome Thinking® to get the results you want and increase your profits!

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The Top 3 Traits of a Speaker Who Resonates With the Audience

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Why do some speakers vibrate so well with their audience and others seem to just miss the mark? Is it the content of their speech-the ability to wow us with intellect? Is it their high energy and drive? Is it their controversial nature?

Why can two speakers get up and say the same thing but one you embrace and the other you reject? I have watched this phenomenon at corporations as they run their meetings. There are people who hold the floor and people take what they say as the gospel truth and others that no matter how great their ideas are people trounce right over what they say.

So what is it that compels us to listen or not listen to a speaker? Here is a key thing to ponder-if you have great information but people don’t want to listen to you, you can’t have an impact. You must first get people to WANT to listen to you.

There are three traits I see that draw people to you and allow them to let down their barriers so they take in what you say and truly ponder it or take action on it.

I noticed that when there was this combination of all three traits the speaker was able to 1) share more controversial viewpoints without offending the crowd, 2) push us in to uncharted waters without us feeling overwhelmed and 3) share complicated information without us feeling they were being arrogant or condescending.

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Your Body Speaks Volumes, But Do You Know What it is Saying?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Just the other day a sales person told me she would do whatever it took to make me happy and that really ticked me off! Why would that be? Shouldn’t I be thrilled that she was offering to do whatever it took to make me happy? No, because the words didn’t match her body language. As she was telling me she would do whatever it took to make me happy, she had her hands on her hips, her legs spread apart and was looking down at me. It really came off as, “you really are being a pain lady so what does it take to get rid of you?” This salesperson will probably not realize why she lost a customer. Always remember that a person will listen more to your body language than to your words spoken!

You see, over 65%-90% of every conversation is interpreted through body language. We react more to what we think a person meant than to the words that are said. So you need to think about whether your body language matches the words you are saying. If a person tells you “you are doing a great job” with a big smile on their face and a relaxed body, you will probably believe them. On the other hand if a person says “you are doing a great job” and their teeth are gritted, they have a half smile and a stiff body , you will be confused as to what they really meant after they walk away. Most likely you will feel that you are actually not working up to par, but you will not be sure why.

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