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Want to Influence More Sales?

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Sales TrainingImagine 2013 ending with your largest sales year ever.  What would that feel like?  What would it do to your life?

If you want to make 2013 your best year ever, there are a few things you need to do.  In this blog I am going to address the complex sale as most of our clients tend to have a product or service that requires a more lengthy sales process, a shattering of past beliefs, and a desire for the client to see you as a trusted partner, not a vendor.

The more complex your sale is the more the listener’s brain will fight you.  The sale actually confuses them, tests what they know (which makes them feel stupid) and pushes them out of their comfort zone.  Due to all of these reasons they then push back as their brain is trying to find REASONS to stay status quo.

The number one mistake I see sales people make in this area is they try to “fight back” by supplying the customer with more and more facts and reasons on why the product or service their are selling is the holy grail.  For the customer, this then becomes “proof” that you only care about you and not them.

So to combat this, you need to help your customer overcome their desire to stay status quo.  You do this by asking great probing questions that cause them to think, to reveal their thoughts, and to let them sell themselves.  No one likes to be sold but people do like to buy.  Allow them to do the buying.

Now once you start using the great probing questions you actually take the customer resistance side.  This will cause them to argue against their own thoughts and solve their own resistance.  It is much more powerful for you to say, “well it sounds like your present system, even though it won’t automatically digitize, works good enough for you.”  As soon as you pull out of selling it frees them up to buy.  You will be surprised to hear them say, “well I don’t think it will be good enough for us because we do need to digitize.”  Hmmm. now that can lead to a great discussion that shows what they fear so you can help them through it.

Don’t let the economy hold you captive for 2013.  Make this year your best year by making it your customer’s best year!

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Video Lesson: How to Make a Big Impact at a Sales Meeting

Friday, July 20th, 2012

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Listen in as Anne shares how you can make a big impact in a critical sales meeting without sounding like just another salesperson.

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Presentation Skills Tip – Video Blog – How To Use Hand Gestures When Speaking

Friday, July 13th, 2012

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How to use hand gestures effectively during your presentation.

Use hand gestures to match the impression you want when presenting so you remain confident, relaxed.and authentic.

Watch now as Anne shares one of her presentation skills tips for you to help enhance your executive presence.

Anne Warfield
Minneapolis, MN


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What Vince Flynn Can Teach You About Thinking.

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

One of Rapp’s assets was the ability to slow things down in his mind’s eye… He could calculate what the other players were going to do and react. When things were tense like this, he could block out the fear and extraneous information, focus on what was important, and slow things down.  Panic-induced decisions had a nasty way of leading to bad, or in this case, fatal outcomes.”

In Vince Flynn’s latest Mitch Rapp book called Kill Shot he vividly shares how Mitch Rapp is able to get out of spots that would leave most people dead.  As an assassin Mitch Rapp can’t afford to not keeps a level head which means being able to slow things down so he can more clearly see a situation.

That is exactly what you need to do especially the higher the stakes and the more pressure there is in the moment.  

But being able to slow your mind down isn’t easy especially since your amygdala wants to flood you with adrenaline and have you either flee or fight.   Outcome Thinking is all about teaching your brain to slow down so you can always say the right thing at the right time.

 Here is an exercise you can do in order to help your brain to start slowing down and you will laugh with the first one as it follows the Girl Scout motto of “always be prepared”:

 Play The What If Game- in this game you mentally walk through how you would handle all kinds of situations.  Like what if you went in the board room and found out you had the wrong presentation? What if you really needed gas, stopped at a station and half way through pumping your gas saw some shady characters coming toward you?

You play with personal and work situations.  They have actually done a study and found that of the top CEO’s they found they all played some game of “what if” in their brain so they could always think through scenarios from multiple angles and be prepared if disaster struck or their opponent took a decidedly unexpected turn with a conversation or negotiation.

Playing What if causes your brain to continually work on and create plans to take action.  For your brain real play and what if scenarios actually engage the same muscles and responses  This means that when faced with a real life scenario that is similar to a “what if” you played in your brain, your brain is most likely to automatically trigger your  muscles to respond in the exact way you directed it to during the “what if” scenario.  In other words, you will automatically respond appropriately and quickly.

I have been attacked twice in my life.  Both times I fought off my attacker successfully because, as a woman who travels frequently,  I had practiced “what if” continually and was automatically ready to respond.

So how prepared are you?  Take Action and work on slowing down your thinking by playing What If and coming up with unique solutions.

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Sales Training Tip – Building Trust Quickly With Clients

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

If I asked you to think about who you would absolutely trust, most likely what comes to mind is key people you know have your best interests at heart.  They don’t push you in to something they don’t believe is good for you, and if it is something they think you should do but aren’t ready for, they qualify it for you and share why they think you ought to do it.

So why don’t we do it in sales?  Why do people continually believe that if they share the good of what they do, people will want to buy from them?

I am just sitting here watching some client videos on sales calls and I am amazed how the focus of all these bright intelligent sales people is the desire to have all the answers and to continually beat the drum on “here is why we are the best.”

But ironically what ends up happening in all these calls I am reviewing is that sales person comes off as more cocky, insincere, and not really sharing the truthful information.  Now, I can tell you all of these sales people are ethical, honest and great people.  So there is no intention to pull the wool over the eyes of the person they are talking with but they are all hindered by…

The desire to grab the sale by the throat and not let go.

You want to always remember that your client has choices.  The trust builds when they realize they can candidly and openly review with you the pros and cons of your product versus others.  It comes when they know you have truly listened to what they want to achieve, clarified what they were saying and, only then, answering their question.

Trust is built when you know the other person is MORE vested in you then in GETTING their way.  Never lose that thought with your customer!

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