When An Employee Fires You As A Leader

By Anne Warfield, February 10th, 2016

I have fallen in love with watching the show The Profit.  I love how Marcus focuses on three simple things–people, process and product.  In one episode an owner had almost all his employees turnover on him within 5 weeks.  As the owner stood there blabbering about why each person left, Marcus just stopped him and said,“You do realize you were just fired by those employees.  Why doesn’t that bother you?”

It is easy in leadership to see the otherside of the fence when you want to coaching or even fire an employee.  Rarely do we stop to realize that really the only way employees can tell leaders what is wrong is to wait for a company survey or to finally get fed up and leave.

Take Action:

Rethink each time someone has left your team and ask “why did they fire us?”  Follow these thinking steps to understand and then change the situation so it doesn’t happen again.

  1. Look closely at what is the root cause–is it you or the company?
    1. If it is you, look at what is the problem–are you tough to deal with? are you too emotional? do you lack systems?  are you not consistent? are you not dealing with some negative employees and thus the positive employees are deciding they don’t want to work there?
    2. If it is the company, look at- is pay fair compared to the marketplace? Are work conditions safe for employees? do policies allow leaders to individually reward or treat employees the way they want? is there anything unethical going on?
  2. Commit to change.  Let the employees know what has been wrong and how you will change it going forward.  For example,”It has come to my attention that I am asking you to deliver consistent results and yet I am not giving you consistent written directions to follow.  That is not fair and I commit to change it today.  So from now on, when I give out instructions I am going to have one person write them down.  We will make sure they are clear to follow and then we will type them up so we can all follow that process.  Any change that gets made will be communicated to all and will be changed in that document as that will become our guide. My apologies for not doing this earlier as I am committed to helping make it easy for all of us to achieve success consistently.”

Now employees know what the change will be and how they will fit in to it.

Personal Message from Anne Warfield

By Anne Warfield, September 9th, 2014


Anne Warfield, CEO

Anne Warfield

Wow! Here it’s almost Fall and I am sending my first born off to college and the others are preparing for back to school. To me, it is funny, to think that we spend all these years putting knowledge in to children’s brains and less time helping them build better pathways to deal with conflict, challenges and obstacles that will naturally come their way.

Did you know that your brain learns best through failure? You know we would never think about stopping a baby from learning to walk no matter how many times she fell because we KNOW it is possible to walk.

With obstacles, challenges or conflict you run in to you need to build, for your brain, the confidence that it is POSSIBLE to solve this easily. You want to believe the best intentions and then hold people accountable for living up to those best intentions. This means you call them out when they act in appropriately as you assume their intent is not to act out at you but instead to try and protect themselves.

Today’s situation is all about dealing with that person who walks over others and can make you feel like mush.

By the way, if you work with many people like this, I encourage you to look in to our Managing Your Message Session (there is one in September) so you can get a better grasp at how to message things and manage that person or look in to our Executive Coaching which will focus on helping you build the Executive Presence you need so that you can manage the atmosphere every time you enter a room or a conversation. It is like bringing in your own serenity blanket!

Enjoy the Fall and all the changes it brings. Just like our kids, we should always be putting ourselves back “in school” to make sure we mold, stretch and align our brains to make sure we mold, stretch and align our brains to better deal with an ever changing world.

PRESS RELEASE – Anne Warfield Receives Best in Class Speaker at PCMA

By Anne Warfield, May 28th, 2014


Congratulations Anne! Your content and presentation of the session, “Strategic Negotiations: Bring Your Ethics, Integrity and High Character to the Bargaining Table” at the 2014 PCMA Convening Leaders in Boston was very well received and received great feedback – earning you the title of Best in Class!

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— The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)

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Successful Team Communication

By Anne Warfield, March 14th, 2014

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Leadership Development : Would you hire yourself tomorrow?

By Anne Warfield, January 14th, 2014

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